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Body Contouring Options for Your Abdomen

Submitted by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez on March 31, 2020

For many of us, we seem destined to battle our abdomen indefinitely. Whether it’s the lower belly bulge no amount of crunches can flatten, a set of love handles you just can’t seem to shake, or a boxy, square shape you’d love to transform into an hourglass  — we all secretly wish we had a magic wand from time to time.  

When maintaining a healthy diet and exercise just aren’t enough, a body contouring procedure with Dr. Bernabe Vazquez might be just the “magic wand” you’ve been searching for. Body contouring refers to the direct targeting of certain parts of the body with surgical techniques designed to improve the way these areas look and feel. Liposuction, liposculpture and tummy tucks are all examples of body contouring procedures. 

Dr. Vazquez — one of South Florida’s safest, most experienced, and well-known cosmetic surgeons —  offers an array of body contouring procedures designed to treat the problem areas surrounding the abdomen . Here’s a closer look at which surgical options are available for some of our most common “trouble spots”. 

Problem Area: Abdomen, Waist & Lower Back 

Option 1: Liposuction

If you’re at or close to your target weight, but struggle with stubborn pockets of fat in larger areas like your abdomen, lower belly, waist, and lower and/or upper back — liposuction might be an effective surgical solution. While it’s possible to remove larger volumes of fat tissue with liposuction, it’s important to note this is NOT a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Good candidates have taut, healthy skin that hasn’t been stretched past its elastic limit, have maintained a healthy weight for several months, and are physically and psychologically healthy. 

Option 2: Liposculpture

Liposculpture uses the same tools as more traditional liposuction, but aims to reshape specific areas of the body. This is done by targeting smaller pockets of fat, using sculpting techniques to create definition, and fat grafting (using fat removed from one place on the body to reshape another part of the body). The health and skin fitness standards necessary for liposuction success also apply here. Ideal candidates have skin that hasn’t been stretched to excess, maintain a stable weight, are in good overall health and are not planning to get pregnant in the near future. 

Option 3: Miami Tummy Tuck 

For potential patients who do have excess skin stretched from weight gain/loss, age or pregnancy — the Miami Tummy Tuck is often the best option for reshaping their midsection. The Miami Tummy Tuck removes excess and overstretched skin with a smaller scar than the traditional procedure, while using liposuction to slim the upper abdomen and create a beautiful, hourglass curve at the waistline. This is a more invasive procedure than liposuction alone, which means the physical and mental health of prospective patients is of the utmost importance. Those who are in poor physical health from factors such as smoking, illness, obesity or other medical complications are often advised to make health-focused improvements before a tummy tuck. This not only increases the likelihood of better surgical results, it can also reduce recovery time and limit potential side effects. 

Dr. Vazquez works with each patient individually to evaluate their options based on their unique circumstances. He and his surgical and patient care teams provide top-notch care from the initial consultation through the final post-op visit, and beyond. 

Whatever your situation, if you have the desire to reshape your mid-section, Dr. Vazquez has the tools and expertise to help you achieve that goal. There is no obligation or cost for consultations – which can be done in-person in his Miami office, or remotely via video call. Contact his offices today to learn more

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Posted by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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