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Are you Ready for Plastic Surgery?

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on June 13, 2013

1Deciding on having a cosmetic procedure is a big decision that requires thought along with realistic expectations. At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you prepare for plastic surgery by making sure you are choosing it for the right reasons.

When Nothing Else Will Do

Cosmetic surgery can be extremely beneficial when no other plan is effective. Specific cases such as an abundance of excess skin resulting from several pregnancies or extreme weight loss can be greatly improved with procedures such as a regular or Miami tummy tuck. When diet and exercise cannot help, these techniques can help you achieve better health, as well as a more aesthetic bodyline.

Making the Difference

In cases where negative self-esteem is a result of discomfort with aspects of your face or body, a carefully designed procedure can help you reach the confidence you seek. With a sensitive approach that produces natural results, plastic surgery can often make the difference.

Not For Everyone

Today, cosmetic surgery is more accessible and mainstream than ever before, but it is not necessary in every case. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez believes in a conservative approach, where a thorough consultation regarding motive, health, and history is the right way to determine whether it is for you.

Asking the Right Questions

To discover if you are ready for plastic surgery, it is essential to ask yourself why you are considering it. Are doing it to please someone else, or are you doing it to make an improvement that pleases you?

Emotional Preparation

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we want to make sure that you are emotionally prepared for the actual surgery, as well as the healing period. We will advise you not to make your decision if you are in a crisis or in the midst of a big life change. Readying yourself for a cosmetic procedure means you should do so when you are relaxed and ready to take the time to properly recover, as this is most important for yielding the best results.

Understanding the Risks

Understanding the risks is another essential way to prepare for elective surgery. Even with the best surgeon, unexpected things can happen, such as those related to anesthesia, blood loss, infection, healing, and the possibility of needing touch ups after recovery.

Having a Supportive Person Nearby

Having a supportive person available to take care of you physically and emotionally post procedure is another essential. You will need someone to help with daily tasks, as well as to understand your vulnerability, which is often a byproduct of undergoing surgery. Being prepared for issues with family and friends regarding your decision is also important. Feeling confident regarding your procedure and the reasons for it is key.

A Good Payment Plan

Elective surgery is not usually covered by insurance. Making sure you can cover costs through a good payment plan like ours at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery will help you avoid financial stress.

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