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Best Rated plastic Surgeon in Miami Florida

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on June 30, 2013

54From the moment that Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery opened his practice in 1988, clients recognized that he had something unique. Along with his impeccable credentials, Dr. Vazquez displays a loving and caring approach to a field for which he feels total passion.

All the Prerequisites

Now, with thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures under his belt, patients come from all over the country to benefit from his expertise and his compassionate and artistic approach. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, the Doctor possess all the prerequisites that has earned him a reputation as one of the best rated plastic surgeons in Miami, Florida.

Tailoring Carefully Considered Protocols

Rather than taking a cookie cutter approach, Dr. Vazquez creates a thoroughly individual protocol based on each patient’s background and health record to ensure the best possible outcome. He recognizes that everyone is different and tailors a carefully considered approach that will benefit you the most.

Advancing Surgical Techniques

Constantly expanding his education and knowledge through research, study, and practice, the Doctor is considered an innovator, developing new methods that reduce scarring, diminish healing time, and minimize damage. One has only to look at his Miami Tummy Tuck or his Brazilian Butt Lift to understand how precise and dedicated he is to advancing surgical techniques.

A Brilliant Track Record

Dr. Vazquez regards plastic surgery as both a science and an art form. His track record is solidified by his satisfied clients, with an overwhelming number of patient referrals that have helped our business grow by leaps and bounds.

The Least Amount of Risk for the Greatest Return

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in creating the least amount of risk for the greatest return. We know that information and communication are essential and make sure you know what to expect when it comes to recovery, risk, and everything in between. We work with you on the preparation for your procedure, as well as your recuperation and maintenance. If exercise and diet can help you avoid certain aspects of surgery, we will recommend this route.

Giving You the Support You Need

Our work does not stop with your surgery. We give you emotional support throughout, as well as helping you with a viable payment plan so that you do not have to stress about costs.


Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has received awards for his accomplishments, and his affiliations and memberships with the following organizations are all testimonials to the great respect his peers hold for his work in the field:

  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • The Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Fellow at American College of Surgeons
  • Senior Attending: Mercy Hospital
  • Coral Gables Hospital
  • University Hospital
  • Past President of The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons (2000)
  • Past Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Mercy Hospital

Bringing You the Results You Deserve

Always in demand for his minimally invasive and loving approach, Dr. Vazquez is known for creating a beautifully contoured look within the possibilities of your body type. His honest evaluation and realistic approach, along with an impeccable ability to perform exceptional surgeries are what bring the results you deserve.

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