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Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami

Miami Brazilian Butt Lift ModelIf you have flat or sagging buttocks, or your backside has lost its shape after a massive weight loss, pregnancy or the natural aging process, Brazilian butt lift surgery may be the perfect antidote. Whether you have tried, to no avail, building a curvier bottom through hard work in the gym or you wish to return to the firm, filled out buttocks you once had in your younger years, a Brazilian butt lift can give you the curves you’re after. This surgery reshapes your rear end by adding volume, curve and lift through the transfer of excess fat removed from another (often considered “problem”) area of the body, such as the stomach, back or thighs, to the buttocks. The result is a rounder, firmer, perkier butt and a smoother, sexier overall body contour.

Ideal Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates

Only through a comprehensive, one-on-one consultation can Dr. Vazquez determine whether a person is a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift surgery. During this consultation, Dr. Vazquez will assess past medical history and discuss the patient’s goals and expectations for the surgery. As a general guideline, however, a person is considered an ideal candidate for the Brazilian butt lift if they:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Are unhappy with their flat, shapeless buttocks
  • Wish to fix sagging, deflated buttocks from pregnancy, weight fluctuations, aging or other factors
  • Want to balance their proportions between the upper and lower body
  • Have excess fat in another area of their body (typically the stomach, waist, back or thighs) for fat transfer

What Is Involved in a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s anatomy and the amount of fat being removed through liposuction and then re-injected into the buttocks, this surgery can take anywhere from two to five hours to complete. Dr. Vazquez will begin this surgery by removing excess fat from one or more areas of the body, and then carefully processing and purifying this fat before injecting it into the buttocks (starting at the deepest layer of muscles and adding fat in layers) using small syringes. Based on the patient’s anatomy and the shape desired, the doctor will make the fat injections at several small and strategically placed entry sites on the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Butt Implant Augmentation

BBL, Brazilian Butt Lift

Over the past several years, the increased public interest of having a filled-out, sexy butt has caused people to turn to plastic surgery as a remedy for flat, sagging or otherwise unattractive posteriors. As a result, there are two popular surgical techniques used in treatment: the Brazilian butt lift and butt augmentation (using gluteal implants). While both of these procedures are used to add shape, volume and lift to the buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift is often more popular, and advantageous, than butt augmentation for the following reasons:

  • More natural-looking results
  • Less scarring, due to no incisions
  • Faster recovery time
  • Slimming effect of liposuction, used in fat transfer
  • Less chance of infection as procedure requires no incisions
  • No chance of body rejecting foreign object (implants)

A Word of Caution Regarding Injections to the Buttocks

Recently there have been an increasing number of disturbing reports of patients receiving illegal and unauthorized injections of foreign materials into the buttocks. Most of these reports tell the tragic results of materials such as silicone (and worse) being used to augment the buttocks. It is illegal in the United States, and for good reason, to use these materials for any medical purpose. Because of the increasing popularity of, and demand for, larger buttocks, many non-medical personnel are injecting silicone, which is an extremely inexpensive material. This is a recipe for disaster and is extremely difficult to reverse. Dr. Vazquez strongly advises patients seeking buttock augmentation to never consider this option. It can be deadly.

Recovering from Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Patients will be placed in a compression garment immediately after surgery, in order to help with the swelling. This garment will be worn for the first two to four weeks after surgery; Dr. Vazquez will determine the exact amount of time during the follow-up appointments when he assesses the patient’s progress in healing. The patient can expect a moderate amount of swelling and soreness following the procedure. Any discomfort at this time can be alleviated by pain medication prescribed by Dr. Vazquez.

Patients should avoid sitting or lying on their backs for the first week following surgery. They should use cushions under their buttocks when sitting or lying on their backs for the first several weeks, in order to avoid putting pressure on the area as it heals. Cold compresses can be used to reduce swelling. Patients can typically return to work one to two weeks after surgery, and exercise after four weeks.

Brazilian butt lift patients are usually very excited about their results, which are immediately noticeable but which become gradually more noticeable over time. Over the course of weeks following surgery, patients will begin to notice smoother, curvier buttocks with a more youthful shape. The final results, however, may not be fully realized until three or more months after surgery.

3Will My Results Last?

The results of a Brazilian butt lift can last up to 10 years provided that the patient understands that they are responsible for maintaining their new physique through the proper diet and exercise. Weight gain will cause the fat cells that were injected into the buttocks to expand while weight loss will cause these fat cells to shrink; both of these conditions can change the shape of the buttocks and may reduce the aesthetically pleasing shape achieved through the surgery. Weight gain will not affect the area that was harvested for fat, as the fat cells were permanently removed from this area through liposuction.

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