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Breast Reduction Procedure by Miami’s Top Plastic Surgeon

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on February 12, 2014

5“There is no such thing as too much” is a common catch phrase but tell that to a woman who has been carrying the weight of heavy, overly-large breasts and she will beg to differ. The pain can extend from neck pain to back pain, shoulders and other areas of the body. Besides posture being affected by the bearing of overly heavy upper body weight, the psychological ramifications can be extensive.Young women often spend inordinate amounts of time worried about looking their best and for women who carry the burden of extremely large breasts, their self esteem and confidence can take an even bigger hit. Self-consciousness and a bad body image can plague these women for years. With the wonders of modern medicine, it is now possible to reconcile this issue and to amend largess with comfort and proportion.

Medical Evaluation

With a complete evaluation with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Bernabe Vazquez, women the world over can ascertain what their prospective breast reduction will be like. Dr. Vazquez and his team at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery will inquire into the medical histories of your family and yourself. He will want to know whether or not you have had any previous medical conditions that might affect your breasts such as a biopsy or a lumpectomy. You will want to disclose to him how you have been feeling emotionally and physically regarding the size of your breasts. He will discuss your goals with you and discuss the perimeters surrounding the removal of the breast tissue and meeting your goals. He may make recommendations for a mammography or a breast exam.You will want to be completely upfront with him regarding any habits that would affect the surgery and the healing process such as medications that you take such as aspirin, Motrin or Aleve. The anti- inflammatory properties of certain medications such as these can affect the state of your body. Even herbs or recreational drugs are on the list of things that need to be discussed, as they will affect the surgery. Last but not least is smoking; what seems to be innocuous can have a lasting affect on the healing process. To avert any possibility thereof, it is imperative to cease smoking for up to two weeks prior to surgery and during the healing process.With the proper care, women can reestablish their relationship with their breasts in a healthy, unencumbered way. It is with the assistance of a highly skilled plastic surgeon whose aesthetic values are highly attuned that you will want to place your trust. Dr. Vazquez has been in private practice for over 25 years, performing breast reduction procedures, breast augmentations and breast lifts to beautify and accentuate the feminine breasts to the satisfaction of women worldwide.

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