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Feel Secure: Breast Implants from Board Certified Surgeons

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on January 3, 2013

4The decision to have plastic surgery is indeed one that requires thorough research and the valuable opinion of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. There has been much in the news about implants and it is important to work with a plastic surgeon that is thorough and utilizes state of the art techniques that are sure to guarantee success.

Board Certification and its Importance

There is no substitute for board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgeons; an additional honor is to be a member of the American college of surgeons. This prestigious honor is bestowed on medical doctors, like Doctor Bernabe Vazquez, who have graduated from an acceptable Medical School, have a current practice that establishes them as a specialist, have surpassed the expectations of peer evaluators, as well as to those that adhere to the expectation both ethically and in regards to pursuing professional excellence. The latter includes the participation or membership in local, national and regional surgical specialty societies, the participation in teaching programs and the commitment to keeping abreast of one’s area of specialty through participation in continuing education by way of seminars, professional meetings and courses.

Reaching Patient’s Goals

As an experienced plastic surgeon with specialty in face and body cosmetic procedures, the doctor should strive to listen to the goals of the patient and be able to discern the best protocol. Not all procedures are appropriate for every woman; meaning that there is not a one size fits all, so to speak. At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, our patients are treated individually and with great care. We believe that the best foundation for establishing a successful outcome lies in a thorough medical evaluation. With no stone unturned, the doctor and patient can create a plan that will ensure a positive experience.There are certain times where it is important to make changes prior to surgery. The best patients are those that put self-care high on their list of priorities. There are some habits that will need to be put aside for the weeks prior to surgery and post surgery such as smoking. Even herbal supplements may need to be eliminated due to the effects that they can have on the healing process. Taking proper precautions is the only way to go when it comes to surgery of any kind.

Careful Methodology

After a thorough medical evaluation that typically includes blood work and an EKG, once approved, patient and doctor can proceed to discuss the course available to the patient. Doctor Bernabe Vazquez, affiliated director Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, has garnered years of experience in our private cosmetic surgery practice, and after evaluating the best techniques and the most positive outcome, has refined the breast implant procedure. We have found that insertion of the implant under the breast muscle tissue allows for more breast tissue to cover the implant and as such incurs less visible folds or ripples. The result is a softer and more natural feeling breast with less risk of capsular contracture. The incision we prefer is just around the lower edge of the areola, which allows for a good opening to implant the Sientra gel implant, the highest quality implant available today. For your confidential consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that is sure to make you feel secure call Doctor Bernabe Vazquez at (305) 858-8222.