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Low Risk Tummy Tuck Procedure in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on November 13, 2013

78All surgeries have risks but with careful attention to all the prerequisites, it is possible to avoid many of these inherent risks. Surgery is serious business. The body undergoes stress with any kind of surgery and preparation is key.

Selecting Your Surgeon

With access to the Internet and the abundance of information available today, it is possible to prescreen your candidates. The first step is to select from among board certified plastic surgeons. There are more and more dentists, gynecologists and internists getting on board to perform cosmetic procedures. The proper training and expertise Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has acquired over the years should be enough to convince patients from choosing non-traditional plastic surgeons. Often times with price being an issue both for the doctor and the patient, both parties are seduced. However, when it comes to your body and cosmetic surgery, the training and experience of the cosmetic surgeon should be tantamount in the decision process. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ensures that the surgeon has acquired the proper experience and training to handle the complexities of procedures such as the tummy tuck procedure.

Ethical and Knowledgeable

When choosing a board certified plastic surgeon, you are in the hands of a physician that will guide you properly pre and post the tummy tuck. At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, a complete medical evaluation is done. If further testing is required, then the procedure will be put on hold until all your medical information is in the doctor’s hands. He may recommend that you lose weight and if you are a smoker, cessation of smoking for at least three weeks before and during the recovery process with be required. Smoking deprives the tissues of oxygen thereby causing problems during the healing process. Following doctor’s orders is important especially when it comes to smoking.

Risk verses Low Risk

The traditional tummy tuck is a full on procedures that include a hip-to-hip incision and the cutting and lifting of tissues and muscles in the abdominal region. With this kind of invasive procedure, it is very common to endure collection of fluid in the abdominal area. A drain is inserted and can be left in for up to two weeks to collect fluid as the body heals. This procedure often doesn’t address the surrounds of the waist, love handles or flanks. With Dr. Vazquez’s refined Miami Tummy Tuck the healing process takes on a new dimension. With his refined procedure, the scar no longer extends from hip to hip. He addresses the sides and upper abdominal bulge with liposuction. Carefully sculpting the upper abdomen and sides, he is able to create a contoured, tight waistline with minimal cutting and lifting of muscles and tissues. This reduces the need for a drain to twenty-four hours if one is needed at all. This innovative technique has been the result of twenty five years of experience and has been finely honed to produce a procedure that allows patients to recover without the usual complications and risks of a traditional tummy tuck procedure.

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