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Men’s Plastic Surgery Trends

Submitted by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez on January 1, 2022
Men's plastic surgery

For most guys, men’s plastic surgery isn’t a topic they’re likely to discuss over beers with their buddies. However — since more men are saying yes to plastic surgery than ever before in history — chances are good you already know a fella or two who’s had work done. 

These days, the constant pressure to look good outweighs the perceived social stigma of plastic surgery, even for men. As cosmetic surgery for men has shifted more and more toward the mainstream, guys are opting in on everything from Botox to breast reductions, and loving the results! 

Could plastic surgery help you shed your “Dad Bod”?

When it comes to childbirth, men get a hall pass of sorts, in that their bodies don’t go through the same skin-stretching weight gain and transformations women do. That being said, most men’s lifestyles change once they have children in their lives. Having children often means less free time for fitness, and more fast food French fries. This sometimes results in the gradual acquisition of a “Dad Bod”, which isn’t exactly a compliment. 

You’ve likely heard of a Mommy Makeover, which combines procedures like a Miami Tummy Tuck or liposculpture with breast surgery, such as a breast lift. Well “Dad Bod” makeovers might include liposuction to remove love handles or excess belly fat (or a tummy tuck if skin is stretched and/or saggy); breast reduction to eliminate the dreaded man-boobs (clinically known as gynecomastia); and sometimes liposuction or lift of double chins or neck fat. 

Side note: Gynecomastia is a common condition often brought on by certain prescription drugs, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, or genetic predisposition. Breast reduction surgery can rehabilitate your manly chest, ease the embarrassment associated with this issue, and restore your confidence.

Common men’s plastic surgery procedures

Other popular men’s plastic surgery procedures include nose jobs (rhinoplasty),  facelifts — which help to remove wrinkles and tighten up saggy skin; blepharoplasties (upper eyelid lift) — alleviate the droopy eyelids and heavy brows that make us look exhausted and older than we feel. 

For those looking to refresh their appearance without going under the knife, injectable treatments like Botox and dermal fillers are a fantastic option. Though injectable wrinkle relaxers and fillers are a temporary solution, the results are immediate and impressive for issues like wrinkles, weak chin, or dark under eye circles. 

Additionally, demand for body lift surgeries (when excess, sagging skin is removed from specific areas of the body) have been on the rise with men. These are especially life-changing procedures for those who have lost large amounts of weight, and now carry excess skin on their arms, legs, face/ neck, or mid-section. 

Your body is unique. So is your surgical journey. 

When it comes to men’s plastic surgery, there’s a variety of surgical and non-surgical options you can use to keep yourself looking and feeling good. The best place to start is by speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Bernabe Vazquez. A highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Vazquez can help you decide the best course of action based on your personal body goals, then assist you with what comes next, safely. 

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