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Natural Looking Breast Augmentation in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on April 25, 2013

4We live in a world that responds favorably to beauty. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and with the abundance of options that are available for surgical enhancement there is no need to delay in looking and feeling your best. With the high quality of plastic surgery, breast augmentation has become the most popular surgical option today.

There are many reasons to opt for breast augmentation. Micromastia or the condition that results in the failure of breast development either bilaterally or unilaterally is not as rare as once thought. Breasts that never develop properly or symmetrically often create body image issues. Having one breast that is a B cup and one that is a D cup makes life more complicated than it needs to be.

Occasions such as wearing or shopping for a bathing suit are complicated and can make a woman self-conscious. Additionally, pregnancy can alter the volume of a woman’s breasts resulting in sagging breasts. Gaining a full cup size or more creates a pleasing silhouette and assists with a woman feeling good about herself.

With breast augmentation, there is a solution to create natural looking breasts that are symmetrical and attractive for your body type.

Self Improvement

Looking and feeling your best, definitively gives you an edge. With the rising statistics of gym memberships, we know that part of being a healthy person means devoting time to working out. While most body tissue will respond to exercise, there are no exercises that address breast tissue. Devoid of muscles and mainly consisting of glands, breasts are a perfect candidate for breast augmentation.

How to Start

Your decision to have breast augmentation may have taken years of forethought. Now that you have made the decision, it is most important to find the surgeon that can do the job safely and with aesthetically pleasing results. Interview your candidates with a list of questions that will yield a full spectrum profile to assist with your decision-making.
Find out if your candidate was specifically trained in plastic surgery and how many years of practice they have had. Do they perform in a hospital, have hospital privileges or do they operate in their own surgical facility that has been accredited by a nationally-or state-recognized accrediting agency? Discuss what your expected participation is in the process, if you are indeed a candidate.

He or she should discuss what shape, size, incision site and placement site would be best for your shape breasts. Cover the topic of recuperation and what you can expect if there are complications. Reviewing the before and after pictures in the doctor’s portfolio helps to determine if his aesthetic sense coincides with yours.

If breastfeeding is in your future, you will want to discuss this with your physician. There are precautionary measures that can be taken to insure that you will have the capability of breastfeeding.

Finding an experienced board certified plastic surgeon that has performed thousands of surgeries for completely satisfied patients might sound impossible but that is exactly the profile of Dr. Bernabe Vazquez. It is at his own accredited facility, Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery that he has been performing natural looking breast augmentation. His reputation, his certifications and his experience make him a highly desirable plastic surgeon. For a completely confidential consultation in Miami Florida, call (305) 858-8222.