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Radiesse vs. Restylane

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on July 14, 2014

1With many filler options on the market, it can be difficult to know which product to choose for your needs.  Two of the more popular fillers on the market today are Radiesse and Restylane.  Each of these fillers has a place in cosmetic surgery. Below we will discuss each of these fillers in more detail to give you an idea of which product may work best for you.


Restylane, which was approved by the FDA in 2003, has quickly become the most popular injectable filler in the US.  Restylane is often used for reducing the appearance of small wrinkles and has replaced older collagen treatments.  One major advantage to Restylane is that it is created in a laboratory environment and is not derived from animals.  Restylane is actually a purely natural substance called hyaluronic acid and requires no allergy testing. The improvements from Restylane typically last nine to twelve months, and some studies have shown that Restylane stimulates the natural production of collagen in the skin.   Juvederm is another filler that is composed of hyaluronic acid and is very similar to Restylane.  Restylane is typically ideal for small to moderate wrinkles.


Radiesse is a filler that is made to hide deep furrows from your face, such as the area that runs from the lower part of the nose to the corner of the mouth.  Radiesse can also be used to fill in volume over shallow cheekbones and along the jaw line. Radiesse is also created in a laboratory and is made with purely natural substances. The major advantage of Radiesse is longevity of results. Radiesse’s effects can last up to three years or more after injection. If you’re looking to remove deep furrows or add volume to shallow areas of the face, Radiesse may be right for you.

Can Anyone Administer Radiesse and Restylane?

More and more medical professionals are administering cosmetic fillers to expand their medical services.  The problem with this approach is that many of these medical professionals are not properly trained or credentialed.  When deciding where to have filler procedures administered, it is important to only choose a plastic surgeon that is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  While you may think of fillers as a simple procedure, it is still imperative to choose a surgeon that has the proper experience to ensure that your face will be taken care of with the utmost care.  Plastic surgeons who are Board Certified have administered hundreds, if not thousands of filler procedures, and will be able to handle any questions that you may have with both care and honesty.

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