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Remedies for Crow’s Feet

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on June 27, 2014

8Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that form around your eyes and below your forehead as you age.  To many, it’s rather unsightly, to the point where the search for a remedying has spawned its own billion-dollar industry.

We have seen more than our fair share of patients distressed about having crow’s feet. From our experience in dealing with those cases, here are some helpful remedies you can try out to overcome crow’s Feet.


Ultraviolet rays are terrible for your skin.  It can quickly wear down your skin’s nutrients and make you older than you actually are if you’re not properly protected.  Granted, when it comes to UV exposure, crow’s feet are the least of your worries, vis-à-vis the risks of heat stroke, skin cancer and other far more serious dangers that it poses.

To this end, be sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen with a high SPF rating whenever you know you’re going to be exposed to the sun for a while.

Skincare products

Ask us about our new skin product line Zo. By the creator of Obagi skin products, we have a full selection of Zo products to help treat and prevent skin damage, including crow’ s feet.

A Healthy Diet

Skin absorbs materials from your food as well as soap and skin cream.  Greasy and fatty foods exacerbate wrinkles.  On the other hand, foods abundant in antioxidants, like asparagus, fish, olive oil and others, will prevent your skin from prematurely aging.


And when all else fails, medical procedures may work best.  After all, crow’s feet occur because of the tightening of muscle surrounding your eyes.  Botox can be used to relax those muscles.  It’s a fast way to get fight off the wrinkles.

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez Can Help You Fight Off Crow’s Feet

Botox may also be a worthwhile course of action because it can reduce, if not eliminate, many of the facial lines and wrinkles. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez,  has over three decades of experience working in Miami.  Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he will make every effort to ensure that you look and feel great all throughout the process.

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