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Teens and Rhinoplasty

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on August 19, 2014

0According to recent studies, Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is the most popular plastic surgery procedure for teenagers.  This is likely due to the amount of pressure teens face to look their best, both to their friends as well as online.  With bullying as a real concern among teenagers, many are looking for ways to avoid standing out; plastic surgery can help teens to remedy physical features that may cause others to make fun of them in school or online.

Social Media Leading to Teens Looking to Plastic Surgery

Social media has truly taken the world by storm.  While one might think about social media as a platform to quickly disseminate breaking news, it is also a platform that is heavily used by teens to enhance their social lives.  It is nearly impossible to walk through a store, restaurant or shopping mall and not see droves of teens on their smartphones texting, Tweeting and exchanging pictures.

While social media offers a way for teens to connect virtually, it also brings with it a new level of pressure.  Even just a few years ago, although teens may have gotten teased at school, they were safe within the privacy of their home.  With the rise in social media, this is no longer the case.  Unfortunately, the very aspect of social media being anywhere and everywhere can also cause problems.  With cyber bullying becoming rampant with teens, it can be very hard for some people to escape the teasing that happens on the various social media networks.

A study that polled plastic surgeons indicated that 69% of teens having plastic surgery were having it due to being bullied and 31% of teens were having surgery cosmetic procedure in order to avoid being bullied.  Unfortunately, one of the main causes for cyber bullying is due to physical characteristics and features.  This is why more teens are looking toward plastic surgery to improve their looks, online and offline.

The Age of the Selfie

“Selfies” are a popular aspect of social media, especially among teenagers and young adults.  They allow people to take a self-portrait to show how much fun they are having at any given moment.  Many teens take multiple selfies each day, in a way chronicling their lives.  In fact, selfies have become so popular in popular culture that a new band, The Chainsmokers, recently released a song titled, “#selfie” in which the chorus states, “But first, let me take a selfie.”

The rise in popularity of the selfie has also created the need among teens to look their best when these photos are taken.  Many of these pictures are taken extremely close to the face, which is why more teens are looking to have nose jobs and other facial procedures done.  A recent study showed that 1 in 3 facial plastic surgeons pointed to social media as a driving force behind patients having procedures performed.

Should You Have a Procedure?

If you are a teen (or the parent of one), deciding to have a plastic surgery procedure is a big decision.  This option should be carefully thought out with input from the parents, the teen and a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  For help with this tough decision, and to address questions and concerns, call Dr. Bernabe Vazquez at (305) 858-8222.