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The Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Miami Florida

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on March 17, 2013

25Have you had your last child? Have you been dieting all your life and still have love handles? You may be ripe for a change in your life and are considering having a Tummy Tuck. Embarking on the search for the best tummy tuck surgeon in Miami, Florida is a serious undertaking.

This procedure should be done by a board certified plastic surgeon, one who is very experienced in the musculature of the abdomen and familiar with the expectations of his patients.

No Joke

Plastic surgery is no joke, and although some would have you believe that the mini tummy tuck procedure can actually be a quick antidote to an unresponsive belly, done in no time at all, with practically no side effects, those who would have you believe this, have not had their share of experiences to know otherwise.

A mini tummy tuck yields positive results for a fairly thin patient who has kept her figure and has minimal lower abdominal bulge. Other than for this body type, the mini tummy tuck will prove to be a disappointment, yielding a smaller scar but a remaining belly bulge.

Not all Tummy Tucks are Alike

Did you know that the procedure for a traditional tummy tuck leaves you with an awful long scar? And that two of the common complications such as seroma (collection of fluid) and injury to the blood supply of the lower abdomen can produce tissue loss and wound healing problems? Fear not, as there is an alternative to these potential situations.

An Amazing Alternative

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery has created a less invasive way of flattening the tummy and leaving a smaller scar with his Miami Tummy Tuck. Through extensive experience, we have found that using liposuction to shape the upper abdomen and love handles creates a tight contoured waistline with a much smaller incision. If a drain is necessary at all, it is usually in place for less than twenty-four hours.

Your Best Bet

Practicing in our own licensed surgical facility in the Mercy Hospital Professional Building for over twenty five years, you can be certain that the years of experience and commitment to our patients has yielded very successful tummy tucks.

Dr. Vasquez has certifications and memberships with some of the most prestigious institutions in the world of plastic surgery. These certifications come with years of intensive plastic surgery training.

The list of certifications certainly indicates the high level of professional commitment on the part of Dr. Vazquez:

– The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
– The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
– The Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons
– The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons
– The American College of Surgeons
– Senior Attending and Chief of Division of Plastic Surgery at Mercy Hospital and
– Past President of the Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons

Gaining respect from peers and the Miami community, has enabled Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery to continue doing what we love best, helping others to look and feel phenomenal.

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