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The Truth About “Affordable” Plastic Surgery

Submitted by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez on November 22, 2019
Have you finally decided to have that plastic surgery procedure that you have been wanting for years?  Maybe you’ve finally decided to have breast augmentation, or a Miami tummy tuck, or even liposuction.  Whichever procedure you have decided to invest in, you likely are thinking through all of the little details that you must figure out before actually having your surgery.  One of the most important details is cost.  While sacrificing quality for cost is acceptable in some industries, plastic surgery is not one of them.  Keep the following tips in mind before deciding to go with the lowest “bidder” when it comes to a plastic surgery procedure.
Experience is Valuable
Do you want a doctor performing your procedure who has very little experience?  If not, then you may have to pay for that knowledge and experience.  Miami plastic surgeons with decades of experience can command higher rates because of the simple fact that they have performed thousands of surgeries.  This experience allows doctors to quickly spot potential issues with a procedure sometimes even before surgery.  This insight can be invaluable when it comes to your body and the rest of your life.  Experienced plastic surgeons are not “hungry” to complete another procedure, they are looking out for the best interest of their patients.
Is Your Plastic Surgeon Board Certified?
Some of the “budget” plastic surgeons may have some type of certification, but the name and details of their certification are extremely important.  The most esteemed plastic surgery certification is provided by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  This certification takes years of intense training, including multiple years of general surgery training followed by several years of plastic surgery training.  Only after this intense training are doctors eligible to sit for tests to become certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Vazquez is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Through his training, Dr. Vazquez knows what to look for in terms of potential complications and works with each individual patient to ensure that their needs are always met.
Is Your Plastic Surgeon Available at all Times?
One way that other plastic surgeons are able to cut costs is by using nursing staff to handle most appointments prior to surgery.  This gives the doctors a chance to focus on performing surgeries, which is where the bulk of income for a plastic surgery practice in Miami is generated.  This approach can make patients feel disconnected from their doctors and can prevent doctors from seeing the results of their surgery in order to head off any problems while they are still minor. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez insists that you consult with him prior to your procedure to ensure that there are no questions left unanswered before your surgery.  After your surgery is complete, you will also come back into the office for a follow-up visit to discuss any questions after your procedure.