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Abdominal Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on October 11, 2013

5The decision to embark on the new you with a tummy tuck procedure can be a good one providing you have done all your homework and understand that not all tummy tucks are alike.

Marketing Practices

Marketing sheds light on the facets of the product, which are guaranteed to grab the consumer’s attention. This is just the case with the “Mini Tummy Tuck”. This procedure has all the advantages one could hope for: a shorter recovery time, a shorter scar, less pain and reduced cost. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that the mini tummy tuck is geared towards the thin person with a small bulge in the lower abdomen with very little belly roll.

Traditional Procedures

Traditional tummy tucks involve a hip-to-hip incision, the removal of fat and loose skin in the area and a tightening of the abdominal wall of loosened muscles. The recovery time for this procedure is lengthy and the scar that remains extends from hip to hip. The waistline is not directly addressed in this procedure, which may leave the patient feeling frustrated.

There is a version of the tummy tuck called the extended tummy tuck that deals with the excess fat in the waist area however; this procedure produces a scar that extends around the waistline and doesn’t really create a curved waistline.

Who Requires a Tummy Tuck?

Women who have had multiple pregnancies or individuals who have experienced weight gain then subsequent weight loss. Typically these patients have a poorly defined waistline and belly fat in the upper and lower abdomen and the excess skin in the entire abdominal area.

Expertise Leads the Way

The good news is that Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery has developed a technique called The Miami Tummy Tuck which addresses all these needs. Having performed tummy tuck procedures for over twenty years, we have refined the procedure to produce a contoured waistline through the combination of liposuction and other maneuvers. By eliminating the bulges on the waistline and in the upper abdomen, we are able to limit the surgical lifting and cutting that traditional tummy tucks require. This innovative procedure is the result of fine-tuning the surgery to the extent that the patient has a shorter scar and a shorter recovery time with the expected results of a tightened contoured waistline and flat tummy.

Eliminating Inconveniences

With the accurate use of liposuction and less surgery, Dr. Vazquez has lessened the recovery time and nearly eliminated the need for a drain. Typically with a traditional tummy tuck, there is a 100 percent chance that the patient will be connected to one or more drains that collect the fluid that will accumulate at the site, and these have to stay in from 1-2 weeks.

With The Miami Tummy Tuck, the open space created by the surgery is much smaller and the need for drains is essentially eliminated.

Utilizing the services of a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Vazquez is the correct option for a safe and successful outcome. To make your appointment with the one of the top abdominal tummy tuck surgeons in Miami please call (305) 858-8222 or contact us through our online form.