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Advanced Tummy Tuck to Minimize Scaring

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on October 15, 2013

3-minYou have tried everything under the sun to reduce your belly fat. Dieting, exercise and slinky undergarments may diminish your tummy but getting it to the point of being flat is another thing.Childbearing stretches out the musculature of the abdomen and getting back to your pre-pregnancy state is often near to impossible. Women who have lost a lot of weight will have the extra skin to deal with and there is nothing in the way of diet and exercise that can address this.Thankfully, there is an option that remedies all of the above and you can rest assured that the flat tummy you desire is just a tummy tuck away. In the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon, your flabby belly will disappear.

Different Strokes

There are traditional tummy tucks that address the lower belly fat. Muscles are tightened by way of an incision from hip to hip. The scar from this procedure is hidden beneath the bikini line however it will always remain visible. The waistline is not affected by this procedure and often times, the thicker waist is still an issue afterwards.

Mini is for Mini

There are mini tummy tucks that would be the best solution if only this procedure addressed all the concerns of a bulging belly. Unfortunately, the mini tummy tuck is meant for a mini lower abdomen stubborn bulge on a thin patient. The reduced size of the scar and the reduced healing time is certainly an incentive but this procedure will not address the foremost issues of stretched out musculature or a thickened waistline.

Advanced Methodology

It is with over twenty-five years of experience that Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has refined the tummy tuck procedure to perfection. Addressing the thickened waistline and belly fat through liposuction, our lipoabdominoplasty is responsible for creating a tight contoured waistline by eliminating side waist and upper abdomen fat from the onset of the surgery. With the liposuction, he can address the issue of the thickened waistline and create a feminine silhouette. The lifting and cutting of tissues is thereby limited resulting in a shorter scar and a shorter recovery time.

This Miami Tummy Tuck procedure reduces the complications inherent in traditional tummy tuck procedures. In traditional procedures there is apt to be a drain inserted and kept in place for up to two weeks. Due to the limited amount of surgical tissue cutting and handling, if we insert a drain at all, it is only for a twenty-four hour time period. The second safety attribute of this procedure it that with the limited amount of surgical cutting, the injury to the blood supply is greatly lessened, eliminating the concerns of tissue loss and wound healing.

Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is committed to our patients care from the consultation through the healing process and beyond. Complete medical evaluations are a must in our practice and help us to determine the best possible outcome for our patients.

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