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Are you a good candidate for BBL surgery?

Submitted by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez on February 2, 2022
BBL, Brazilian butt lift
BBL surgery. Who’s a good candidate.

Let’s start at the beginning: What exactly IS a BBL?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (also known as a BBL) is a plastic surgery procedure used to reshape and enhance the buttocks with fat removed from elsewhere on a patient’s body. A board certified plastic surgeon uses liposuction to remove excess fat deposits from areas where it is unwanted, such as the abdomen, lower back, hips, abdomen, or thighs.  The patient’s own fat is then strategically injected into different areas of the buttocks, augmenting the proportions and shape of the buttocks.  The BBL uses natural fat from your own body — unlike butt implants, which can look and feel less natural and can develop scar tissue around them.

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift a good choice for me?

If you are unsatisfied with the shape and size of your backside, a BBL could help lift your confidence and your booty.  You could be a great candidate for the Brazilian butt lift procedure if you check these boxes;

  • Are in generally good health and do not smoke
  • Have fat deposits you would love to get rid of
  • Would like to add shapely curves to your buttocks and hips
  • Do not want butt implants
  • Have good skin tone in the hips and buttocks
BBL, Brazilian butt lift

BBL Recovery 

Immediately after a BBL, you can expect to experience swelling and bruising in the areas where the fat was removed, as well as in the buttocks region. You should be able to resume light activities and return to work after approximately two weeks. However, please note, for up to eight weeks after your surgery, you will be required to wear a special compression garment that will keep your newly transferred fat in place as it reattaches itself.

Also worth noting, You will advised against laying on your back or sitting on your buttocks as much as possible for about 14 days. This means you will have to lay on your side or stomach, and stand as much as possible — at least for a few days. Dr. Vazquez will closely monitor your recovery, and provide a foam “donut” to help with the recovery period. 

Life After A BBL 

After about six months, you’ll be completely healed, and can expect to see the full results of your procedure. Fat cells liposuctioned from your “problem areas” will not return to that area. You will notice that your clothes fit differently, you have a more defined waistline, and a more shapely set of curves. 

If you follow your surgeon’s advice during and after the recovery period, your BBL will offer long-lasting results. To get the most out of your results, be sure to exercise, maintain a healthy diet and avoid large weight fluctuations. 

The Risks of the Brazilian butt lift

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks involved. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has more than three decades of safe surgical experience in South Florida, and will be with you every step of the way, answering your questions and delivering concierge-level care. 

Some of the rare risks associated with BBL surgery include;

  • Fat embolization
  • Infection
  • Numbness or changes to skin sensitivity
  • Loose skin where the fat deposit was liposuctioned
  • Scarring

Dr. Vazquez discuss each risk with patients thoroughly, and takes his time in answering questions honestly and professionally. 

It’s incredibly important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced with Brazilian butt lifts. Doing your due diligence; looking at before and after photos, reading reviews and asking the doctor all the hard questions, will help you find the right surgeon and lower the risk involved with a BBL, although it does not eliminate all risk.

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