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Artisan Plastic Surgery by Dr.Bernabe Vazquez

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on March 9, 2014

6We live in a world where expertise is expected. It is important to understand how those expectations came to be. In the world of plastic surgery, the artistic aspect can be subjective. However the technical skills that enable the success of the surgery developed over time.

The Origins

The word “plastic” in plastic surgery is derived from the ancient Greek language. It neither refers to plastic or artificial but is a descendant of the word “plastikos” which means to mold or give form. There is written evidence that lays claim to the first medical procedures for facial injuries being performed some 4000 years ago. In 800 BC, physicians in India were performing skin grafts for reconstructive work. In 1827, a physician, who invented his own instruments for the surgery, performed the first clef palate surgery.The demands due to World War 1’s severely injured soldiers, sailors and airmen created the demand for skilled plastic surgeons who could rebuild noses, fix shattered jaws and rebuild faces and skulls. The respect for these physicians paved the way to Aesthetic procedures of the modern era. It has taken many years before plastic surgery became known as a specialty. It is thanks to the early pioneers of plastic surgery that the public was finally able to understand the skill and artistry involved in this profession.

Training in Excellence

As hard as it is to imagine, it is legal in many states for any physician to refer to oneself as cosmetic or aesthetic surgeon. Without undergoing any actual training in plastic surgery. In contrast, with the five years of general surgery training and additional plastic surgery training, a board certified plastic surgeon is thoroughly competent in all aspects of surgery of the face and the body.There is no comparison as to the type of experience between a Dr. claiming to be a plastic surgeon and a true plastic surgeon and as such, patients are advised to check and double-check the qualifications of their plastic surgeon. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez is one such plastic surgeon that has dedicated his life to the betterment of all his patients. Trained in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil Dr. Vazquez graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Chemistry and completed medical school at UAG. His studies continued with five years of general surgery residency followed by his residence in plastic surgery at the Medical College of Georgia. Garnering cosmetic surgery experience with two fellowships, one in Miami and one in Rio de Janeiro, had set him on his path to become a well-respected plastic surgeon. Having just completed over twenty-five years with his Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery practice, his practical experience has completed his profile as a world-class plastic surgeon that provides artisan plastic surgery for his clients.

Complete Care

When one opts to have their procedure done at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, they are putting themselves into the finest hands imaginable.From start to finish, the staff at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery strives to make every patient feel completely comfortable. From the initial consultation to the final visit, patients are treated competently and caringly. For your initial visit for Artisan Plastic Surgery with Dr. Bernabe Vazquez call (305) 858-8222.