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Dr. Bernabe Vazquez – Miami’s Most Reliable Plastic Surgeon

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on January 15, 2014

5Reliability is the ability to be depended upon for accuracy, honesty and achievement. This is hard-earned and has taken the dedication of a lifetime. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has dedicated the last 25 years to his plastic surgery practice. The thousands of surgeries he has performed have enabled thousands of patients to benefit from his well-honed cosmetic surgery skills.

Taking the Lead

Dr. Vazquez has reshaped the status quo through the amount of surgeries he has performed. In the Tummy Tuck arena, Dr. Vazquez has revolutionized the field, addressing the very issues that contribute to complications.

The new and improved “Miami Tummy Tuck” procedure has eliminated the need for a drain. Typically with a tummy tuck procedure, the surgical drain is left in the patient for up to two weeks. With our methodology, we use liposuction to sculpt and contour our patients’ waists, and abdomen. If a drain is needed at all, it is used for less than twenty-four hours.

This alone makes recovery far less stressful.

Perfecting the Vision

The fact that we use liposuction to contour and sculpt the waistline sets this new and improved procedure apart from its predecessors. Typically, the waistline is left intact while the abdomen is flattened. In our aesthetic vision, the waistline was directly in the line of vision and needed to be addressed.

Renewal and Rest

With our Miami Tummy Tuck, there is less of a need for surgical cutting and lifting of tissues. The incision is smaller, yielding a smaller scar. The lessened separation of the tissues renders this procedure safer and, thus, more effective. Our patients report high satisfaction from their consultation through their recovery period to their end result, with a new feminine contoured waistline and flattened tummy.


Each patient is considered a new prospect. We perform a thorough examination to ensure that every aspect of a patient’s medical history has been taken into account; a patient’s viewpoint is our priority. Where changes need to be made, such as smoking or dieting, recommendations are put into place to ensure a successful and smooth outcome.

The Gamut

Our procedures run the gamut from breast augmentations, reductions and lifts, arm lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, nose jobs, eyelid surgery, face and neck lifts and complete body lifts. Our Mommie Makeovers are life-changing, giving women back their place among the fit and confident.

For the renewal set, we offer Botox and other injectables, which leave our patients refreshed looking and youthful.

Board Certified

A tremendous amount of misinformation is being circulated by word of mouth and via the Internet. The best advice that we can give our prospective patients is that they need to be sure of their surgeon’s professional status. Board Certifications stand as a testament to the skill and expertise of their plastic surgeon.

With Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery our patients can rest assured that they are with one of Miami’s most reliable plastic surgeons.

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