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Botox for Women Over 50 – What to Know

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on May 21, 2013

13.At a certain age, we begin to show our thoughts on our faces, commonly referred to as facial expressions. With our collagen production decreasing at the age of fifty by about forty percent, our skin no longer bounces back to a wrinkle-free state. We tend to look weathered or at the very least, concerned, worried or fatigued. With forehead creases and furrow lines between our brows, we also tend to look older than we are. No amount of makeup can decrease these so called “worry lines”.

There is a solution that requires a minimal amount of commitment to help you achieve a rested and more youthful appearance. With the help of a board certified plastic surgeon, you can be looking your very best within days of treatment.

What is Botox?

Botox or “botulinum toxin A”, is the same toxin that is secreted by the bacteria that causes botulism. In small amounts, Botox has the power to paralyze muscles and to stop the overactive nerve impulses, which when injected, blocks the impulses that cause excessive muscle contractions. With the correct amount, and the exact targeted injection by an experienced plastic surgeon, the injection of Botox will erase frown lines, crow’s feet and the furrow lines between your eyebrows. This treatment lasts anywhere from three to six months, depending upon the location and severity of the furrows. Repeated treatments are effective in that the muscles will eventually be slower to contract, resulting in a softer appearance.

The Treatment

The Botox that is to be injected is comprised of a powder mixed in a bacteriostatic saline preservative-free solution. This solution is then injected with very fine needles into the targeted muscle groups that are responsible for creating the wrinkles. These relaxed muscles will still allow for expression when injected properly.

The Doctor

Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon will ensure the best outcome. Using too much of this FDA certified drug will completely freeze the forehead, giving the patient a too-arched brow line or the inability to be expressive. Unlike many other practitioners who have learned how to inject Botox at a weakened course, board certified plastic surgeons are trained in the musculature of the face, and can expertly determine the amount and the exact placement of the injection needed for each patient.

The Conclusion

When properly done, family, coworkers and friends may notice that you look more rested and happier. Within three to five days of treatment, a youthful expression will gently appear. Gone will be the unintended fretted appearance caused by unwanted wrinkles.

Getting the Best

Besides being board certified in plastic surgery, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is an active member of all the major plastic surgery organizations. His unparalled expertise is the result of over three decades of experience in the field of plastic surgery. By choosing a plastic surgeon that has many satisfied patients such as Dr. Vazquez, you can be assured of his competence and of a successful outcome. Botox is certainly a means to an end and when in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, you can anticipate looking fabulous and feeling as fabulous as you look.

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