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The Most Common Misconceptions About Botox

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on June 9, 2014


Dr. Bernabe Vazquez knows that these are just misconceptions and we’re going to debunk all of them right here.

Botox is Hazardous to Your Health

More than any of the other misconceptions, much has been written of Botox’s inherent dangers.  Botox gets its name from its base chemical, botulinum toxin, after all, and it has been linked to cases of respiratory failure, muscle failure, pneumonia, speech disorders and more.

However, despite this, the truth is that Botox is a heavily diluted form of botulinum toxin.  It would take an excessively large amount to trigger any of the aforementioned symptoms, far more than is necessary for a Botox injection.  The danger isn’t over the chemicals used so much as the skill of the doctor using them.

Botox is Addictive

This, on its face, just simply isn’t true.  A chemical dependency and, subsequently, addiction, can only form if the chemical in question affects your entire body.  Botox is designed only to affect the parts of your body that it’s injected into.

Moreover, it should be noted that some critics could be basing this misconception off of the fact that some patients get new Botox injections every six months.  This is because Botox is effective for six months, not because they’re addicted.

Botox Can Make You Look Strange and Unattractive

A Google Image Search to this effect will yield nightmarish visuals of frozen faces and scary Stepford Wife smiles.

Much like the controversy of Botox’s alleged dangers, this is largely contingent on the doctor performing the procedures.  Although your muscles may take up to a week to adjust to the Botox in your system, it will never affect you beyond that, when it’s properly administered.

Botox is Just For Facial Lines

This myth unfairly entraps Botox in the realm of a cosmetic treatment and nothing more.  And while it certainly is used for cosmetic purposes, it would be intellectually dishonest to leave it at that and not examine Botox’s more medicinal uses.

In fact, while Botox was popularized in the anti-aging field, that was a side effect when research was done to explore its effects on muscle spasms, against which it’s extremely effective.  It’s frequently administered to infants who suffer from muscle spasms and cerebral palsy.  It’s also known to help against incontinence, strokes, migraines, prostate disease and other maladies, including excessive sweating of palms and armpits.

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