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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Center in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on November 9, 2013

2-minScoping out the best plastic surgeon for your butt lift procedure can be overwhelming. One must sift through countless hours of information, some noteworthy and some just plain old advertising.

How are you best prepared to make this life altering decision?

When it comes to choosing from among the plethora of plastic surgeons, there are important criteria that will assist you during your search.

Right Out of the Gate

Right out of the gate, you can eliminate all choices that do not hold board certifications. Board certified plastic surgeons have undergone the necessary training both educationally and experimentally. They have passed the rigorous evaluation of their education, training, surgical competence, professional qualifications and ethical conduct as set forth by the College.  Additionally, there are continuing education courses offered to the fellows that ensure that they are being kept abreast of the latest technological surgical advancements.

Other Affiliations

Prestigious memberships with societies such as the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery insure that the plastic surgeon has been certified to perform particular cosmetic procedures that are up to the standards of the governing board. Assuring that the plastic surgeon that you are considering holds affiliations, accreditation and a clean practice record will put you exactly where you need to be- in the hands of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is one such board certified plastic surgeon. With over twenty-five years of cosmetic surgery experience in our own accredited surgical facility, we are one of the foremost cosmetic surgeons for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Adept at handling all body types, we can address your concerns in a safe environment.

What is Entailed?

With a full medical evaluation, we can determine how best to proceed and when to proceed. We see all kinds of patients. Patients who are too thin may be instructed to gain up to ten pounds. With the proper fat accumulation on the hips, abdomen or thighs, we can be certain to have substantial donor sites from which to harvest healthy fat cells. With patients who are smokers, we will request cessation of smoking up to three weeks prior to surgery and during the recovery process. This will insure that all body systems are operating optimally and not being affected by the intake of carbon monoxide, which is a by-product of smoking cigarettes. Patients who are dieting and trying to lose weight will be asked to suspend any weight loss medication within two weeks of surgery. Doing this surgery requires the patient to put aside at least two weeks of recovery time. Sitting and lying on one’s back will be limited for several weeks. The wearing of a compression garment will assist with the recovery as well.

We at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery are involved from the onset of the decision throughout the recovery process. Monitoring our patients during the process ensures the best possible outcome.We believe that all patients looking to improve their lower body image with a Brazilian butt lift deserve the best possible curvaceous and lovely end results, designed to enhance their sensuality and self-esteem.

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