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Breast Augmentation: Before and After Surgery

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on March 7, 2014

75In this day and age, women have become more sensitive than ever before to their body image. This is particularly true when it comes to breast size. Anything average or above is generally accepted, but breasts that remain flat after puberty or become flat with weight loss and pregnancy have the propensity to be an issue. This issue may affect a woman’s self esteem or simply her ability to be comfortable in her own skin. Due to the tremendous popularity of this surgery, there have been technical advancements that have made this surgery an uncomplicated solution to breast enhancement.

Prior to Surgery

The decision to undergo surgery is a big one, and one that requires research as well as the commitment to setting the foundation for a smooth recovery. Researching the subject matter is a good thing but even better than that is the selection of the right plastic surgeon. First and foremost, you may have received recommendations from friends or family. Whether or not this is the case, you will want to ensure that your choice has been Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery and Breast Augmentation

The first step in the process at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is to have a one on one consultation. We will discuss all the options available to you once we determine if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation. Pre-qualifying our patients medically sets the pace for the proper outcome. Cigarette smoke inhibits proper healing because it is a vasoconstrictor that reduces nutritional blood flow to the wound site. Therefore, we recommend patients stop smoking before surgery and during the healing process. All supplements, pain relievers and medications should be discussed as they may have some influence on the recovery process and may need to be eliminated temporarily. The consultation is a perfect opportunity to discuss all the options available to you, and to discuss the aesthetic values of your doctor. It is most important that the patient and doctor relationship is one that is solidly built on trust, whereby you can feel free to discuss any concerns you may have. At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we are committed to complete patient care from pre-surgery through the recovery process.

The Recovery Process

We at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery school our patients thoroughly in what the post surgery period will require of them. Each patient is unique, and although there are certain aspects of the recovery time that remain constant such as ceasing of medications which cause bleeding, there are specific considerations for each patient.With our sub pectoral procedure, the implant is placed behind the muscle, which is a more stable and protective environment for our Sientra implant. With this methodology there is apt to be a bit more discomfort, however the end results are natural and beautiful breasts.There will be swelling and sensitivity to the breasts that may last up to a month. We require that our patients do not resume their exercise plan or sunbathing for up to one month. Most of our patients return to work after one week of rest and recovery. For patients with small children, it is important to arrange for help, as lifting is not advised during the recovery process. The recovery process for above muscle implant is a shortened period as is the natural fat transfer breast augmentation. It is important to discuss all options with your surgeon to determine which procedure best suits you. For your confidential consultation for breast augmentation surgery, call Dr. Bernabe Vazquez at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery at (305) 858-8222.