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Breast Augmentation Cost in Miami Florida

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on April 30, 2013

5As one of the most common surgeries in the world, breast augmentation is something that women from all walks of life choose when they want to enhance their physical attributes. With choices concerning material, procedure, and the right doctor to perform the surgery, the costs can range from under $5,000 to $10,000.

Low Prices vs Quality

Because of the enormous popularity of Southern Florida for its year-round heavenly climate, bikinis and summer dresses are the perfect way to put one’s figure on display. For this reason discounts on breast augmentation costs in Miami are everywhere, and many women flock to a low price before they think about the quality of the work involved.

The Number One Surgeon Today

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has been performing thousands of breast augmentation procedures over 25 years. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, the accolades and testimonials that back his work is what has made him the number one doctor for something as delicate and precious as this medical procedure.

Making an Informed Decision

It’s one thing to offer an affordable price and another thing to give quality service that circumvents risk by taking into consideration the health of each client. Dr. Vazquez provides a full medical evaluation before agreeing to the procedure, and then helps you make an informed decision regarding which size will best harmonize with your physical structure.

The Variables

As a cosmetic procedure, health insurance usually does not cover breast augmentation. Costs vary according to the placement of your incision, and this depends on the decision of the surgeon based on your anatomy and the type of implant you are getting. It can be made in the lower border of the nipple, in the natural crease beneath the breasts, or via the armpit or even the navel. Some implants are placed on top of pectoral muscle under the fatty tissue of your breasts or directly under the muscle if there is little breast tissue.

General Costs

Other elements that will factor into the price of this procedure are the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, lab fees for pre-op tests, the implants themselves, operating facility fees, prescription meds, and possibly post-op compression garments. At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery we do all of our work in-house, which saves money on what can be costly hospital charges. Because of Dr. Vazquez’s exceptional technique, the operation normally takes approximately one hour, which means less general anesthesia is needed.

Our Stable Protocol

The Doctor uses a very stable protocol to augment the breasts, whereby the incision is placed along the lower edge of the areola where it will not be seen. The implant is then placed behind the muscles where it will lift and fill out the area to create a natural looking breast. Dr. Vazquez exclusively uses the new “gummy bear” gel implants when silicone implants are selected and by using the highest quality products and the utmost of precision, there is minimal scarring and a gorgeous result.

A Solid Payment Plan

Helping you look as good as you deserve is our goal. This is why we have created the Care Credit system where you can pay on a monthly basis, with no application fee or pre-payment penalty. Including pre and post care and before and after photos, what you get for our price is also the complete confidence that you are in the hands of one of the most highly respected surgeons in the field today.

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