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Concierge care and plastic surgery

Submitted by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez on August 1, 2021
Concierge care in plastic surgery

What is concierge care in plastic surgery?

When most of us hear the words concierge care, we probably think of the convenient service offered by high-end hotels. A hotel’s concierge may offer guest personalized recommendations on where to eat, see a show, or find transportation for them. It’s all about customized service and convenience for the guest.

Concierge care in plastic surgery works similarly, but this sort of personalized care focuses on next level service in the name of patient health, safety and comfort. This concierge approach to patient care is what Dr. Bernabe Vazquez — Miami’s safest plastic surgeon — is known for. 

Why should I choose Dr. Bernabe Vazquez?

Some physicians now offer concierge services for their patients — but with that service comes an added cost.  Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez provides concierge care to all his patients at no extra cost. He and his team believe concierge care is about much more than just convenience, it’s about safety, and about building trusted connections with patients that last.  

With Dr. Vazquez, your safety is the first priority.  

You’ll have access to Dr. Vazquez via his personal cell phone number. He and his team will be available in case you need advice or have any questions about your surgery, recovery, or follow-up care. Additionally you’ll also be connected throughout your journey with Paula, the patient care manager.  

You will get to know Paula long before your surgery.  She’s your initial point of contact, and will likely be who gets you set up with your surgical consultation with Dr. Vazquez.  Paula will be there for you throughout the process, from the first conversation, to your recovery and follow up visits — Paula stops at nothing to make patients feel comfortable, informed, and cared-for. 

Your safety and open communication are at the forefront of your concierge care experience with Dr. Bernabe Vazquez.  When you choose Dr. Vazquez and his team, you can take comfort in knowing you’ve selected one of South Florida’s safest plastic surgeons. With more than 30 years of experience and a stellar safety record, Dr. Vazquez has served hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied patients through delivering life-changing results.

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has been safely and successfully performing cosmetic surgery procedures in Miami, Florida for more than three decades. If you’re interested in exploring a cosmetic procedure with Dr. Vazquez, start the conversation by giving our South Miami offices a call at (305) 858-8222. View before & after galleries on our website, or on Facebook or Instagram