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How to Achieve Natural Looking Breast Implants

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on January 15, 2014

5For many, the dream of a lifetime is having natural looking full breasts. For some women, this is a reality. From puberty, their breasts developed into a size that they were comfortable with. But for some women, natural looking full breasts are not the reality. It is a desire for most women to feel that they are at their most feminine and sensual best. Now women all over the world can experience this as a reality with natural looking breast implants. Getting The BestWith the full-blown access to information via the Internet, there is access to wonderful information, as well as to information that sounds too good to be true. With plastic surgery, the latter can prove to be detrimental to those that risk surgery with less than acceptable standards. Getting the best when it comes to natural looking breast implants entails working with a board certified and very experienced plastic surgeon.

Knowing What You Want

Getting what you want definitely requires knowing what you want. If a fuller, higher breast is what you want, you need to discuss this during the consultation with the board certified plastic surgeon. You will be examined, your medical history will be taken and you may require a mammography before getting the doctors approval for your surgery. This is the perfect time to assess what size breasts your physique can carry to achieve a natural look. With implants, it is important to be certain of the size and placement before surgery.Your best choice for an experienced plastic surgeon is one who also has a great deal of aesthetic sensibility in place. This comes from an innate artistic sense, as well as from years of practice. In this regard, Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, a full care accredited facility, passes with flying colors.

A Bit of History

The first breast implant with paraffin injection was attempted in the 1890’s. By the 1920’s, fat transplants were being attempted but were not successful. By the 1940’s, silicone was being injected directly into the breast, which proved to be a failure as well. It wasn’t until 1961, that two American Plastic Surgeons developed the first Silicon breast prosthesis. A lot has happened since then including a period of 12 years when silicone implants were removed from the market. In 2006, new and improved silicone implants were approved for the second time. Sientra, the company that only sells to board certified plastic surgeons has developed a high quality breast implant that mimics breast tissue. Soft and pliable, yet firm enough to keep the shape, this implant has contributed to putting breast implant surgery high on the list of most popular cosmetic surgeries. Also, Sientra is the only company that provides free new implants to patients if they develop Capsular contracture.

Preparing for Recovery

Although everyone recuperates at different paces, one should prepare to recover for at least a week. For several days after the surgery, you will need solid rest, as you will be tired and sore. Plan on avoiding all kinds of strenuous activity, especially any activity that includes arms or chest movement. Any concerns should be voiced immediately with your doctor. Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is involved with their patients from the consultation to the follow up visit and beyond. Doctor Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is always available to discuss patients concerns should the need arise.   Get ready to embrace that long held desire to have the most natural and beautiful looking and feeling breasts by calling Doctor Bernabe Vazquez now at (305) 858-8222.