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Celebrities with Best Natural Looking Breast Implants

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on March 24, 2014

2Celebrities are under constant scrutiny, for their love lives, their professional lives and yes, most of all, for their looks. 100 percent of the time, the public will review their favorite celebrity’s body from head to toe and they will be rated for their physical attributes first and foremost. What celebrities are wearing, how they are wearing their hair, what accessories they are carrying and what physical shape they are in, will in the end dictate a celebrity’s popularity.

Making a Change

It is said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Living in the limelight means that one must always look and feel one’s best and that is exactly why celebrities seek out the best of the best when it comes to taking care of their appearances.  Women in the entertainment industry equate looking the best they can with how natural they look. The natural look is the most sought appearance. Natural hair, natural skin and natural breasts are at the top of every celebrity’s list. Their market appeal is often based on the very attributes that make them appealingly natural.

Getting that Beautiful Shape

The ultimate in feminine appeal is an ample breast that is in proportion to one’s body type. Unfortunately Mother Nature does not always bestow breasts in accordance with one’s body type. Women who are flat chested find it more difficult to wear low cut dresses or blouses or even swim suits. Feeling self conscious or less than does not fit in with the celebrity life style or anyone’s life style. It is no wonder that breast augmentation is the most popular procedure in plastic surgery today. When the surgery is performed by a proficient board certified plastic surgeon who is able to discern the best methodology, and to choose the correct implant and placement to produce the best natural looking breast augmentation, then you can be certain that the end product will be natural looking breasts and a very happy woman.

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is a board certified plastic surgeon that has been performing natural breast augmentations for over twenty-five years. At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we spend all the time necessary to ensure we completely understand our patients from their medical history to their hearts’ desires. When it finally comes down to the specifics such as size and placement, the professional expertise of a well-seasoned plastic surgeon is what is needed. In our practice, we have found that our technique of making the incision on the lower edge of the areola and placing the implant behind the muscle guarantees a natural looking and stabile implant. Should there be a need to address breast droopiness or any other aesthetic corrections, we take care of those at the same time of the implantation.With a procedure that takes literally one hour to perform, and the ability to get back to work within one week, our patients have the peace of mind knowing that they are getting the very best treatment available.

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