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Post Pregnancy Liposuction in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on April 25, 2013

5Many women yearn for a flat tummy after childbirth. With a body shape that can be unrecognizable after pregnancy, it is common to turn to liposuction. Though we know how effective it can be, at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery we always suggest trying a good diet and exercise program first.

This being said, it is often difficult after pregnancy to lose excess fatty deposits the conventional way. We advise you to wait at least three months before considering liposuction so that your weight has had a chance to stabilize.

Discussing the Process, Outcome, and Risks

Once you are ready, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez will discuss the process, what you can expect from your outcome, and the rare yet possible risks. With thousands of procedures undertaken in the over 25 years the Doctor has been practicing in Miami, you can rest assured that your treatment will be flawlessly handled. If you are in good health or with problems such as diabetes, heart or circulation abnormalities well under medical control, you will be ready for a safe procedure that will contour your body and create the svelte silhouette you dream of.

Before and During the Procedure

Before the procedure you will be given an antibiotic to assure that no infection can occur. Dr. Vazquez will mark the area on your body where the fat will be removed, a sterilizing solution will be applied, and then a local or general anesthetic will be administered. Connection to a monitoring device to check blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate during the entire process allows the anesthesiologist to keep a strict eye on your vital details.


Recovery from liposuction can take from two days to two weeks. Wearing compression garments over the area until the swelling goes down, it will be normal to feel numb for a few weeks. You will then see the beautiful results from one month to six months afterwards.

There are a number of different types of liposuction processes such as:

Suction Assisted Lipo, where fat cells are removed with straw-like apparatus that is inserted through a small incision to break them apart and suck them out.

Power Assisted Lipo, an automatic way to break up fat cells in a procedure like the above.

Ultra Sound Assisted Lipo (UAL), where ultrasound vibration pulses liquefies the fat which is then drawn out in a more smooth fashion.

Water Assisted Lipo, where a stream of water loosens fat cells, that are then removed with a cannula.

Laser Assisted Lipo, where a laser is directed to the area to liquefy fat cells that are then removed by suction. This technique is not generally advised and best replaced by ultrasonic liposuction.

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery we use UAL and SAFELipo processes, which we feel provide a safer removal and a smoother result. First breaking up the fat cells, they are then removed via suction and the area is further smoothed out for a sleek appearance.

Please contact us for more information on post pregnancy liposuction in Miami.