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Breast Augmentation Using Liposuction in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on September 12, 2013


Pregnancy and breastfeeding can increase breast size initially, but leave the breast tissue a bit deflated post pregnancy. Often the breast tissue is less firm than before pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is called postpartum involution. As women age, their breasts may become more fatty in consistency and less firm in general and begin to sag as a result of gravity. Each body is different and responds differently to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss and aging.

The sagging breasts that lack fullness and firmness can be transformed with breast augmentation and lipoinjection under the care of a board certified plastic surgeon.

Natural Breast Revision

There have been so many advances in the medical field. Choosing a board certified cosmetic surgeon not only ensures that he or she will have the experience needed to perform the surgery, it will also ensure that they are up to date with the latest technology and surgical techniques.

In lieu of implants, a natural technique is being utilized that involves using the patients own fat procured with liposuction to enhance the contour and shape of the breasts. This procedure results in a natural breast profile that is gaining in popularity with women the world over.

The Technique

The board certified plastic surgeon will begin the initial visit with a complete medical history intake. He or she may suggest further testing to ensure that you are in the best of health to undergo the procedure. They may make several suggestions such as amending your diet or adding a bit more physical activity to your daily routine. If you smoke, it will be expected that you stop at least two weeks prior to the surgery and for the duration of the healing process. They will examine your body and discuss your concerns with you in detail. They will detail the procedure and the expected outcome.

The liposuction procedure used for the breast augmentation is known as S.A.F.E. and includes separation, aspiration and equalization of the fat cells that are located in the abdomen, hip area or inner thighs. on the hip area or inner thighs. This fat is then processed and injected into the breast in the same day. The experienced surgeon will utilize the exact amount needed taking into account that up to 25 percent of the injected fat is often reabsorbed. Contouring of the breast is both an art and a science, and one that is best left to an experienced top-notch board certified plastic surgeon.

Looking and feeling your best in today’s world has fast become a necessity. A woman who looks and feels her best and has achieved the body contour she desires has the definite edge. The new body image works in tandem with increased self-confidence. Not every patient is a candidate for breast augmentation with their own fat injection.

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