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Scarless Tummy Tuck in Miami Florida

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on May 3, 2013

1Getting ahead in today’s world entails looking and feeling your best.  Sometimes no matter what you do to change your shape, be it dieting or exercising, your abdomen resists. The belly area of our body relays information to us about how we feel about things and even how we feel about ourselves. How often do you hear people say, “I felt sick to my stomach” or “I had a gut feeling”? When this area of our body is strong and resilient, it helps us in our endeavors.

After so many trials and tribulations, you may be considering a tummy tuck. It can be a wonderful solution when you are in the best of hands.

Research and Learn

Once you have arrived at your decision, you should take your time to research and become familiar with the different tummy tuck procedures. There are several options and each plastic surgeon has his preference. Your consultations should make you aware of what is contributing to your fleshy abdomen area and offer suggestions as to which methodology he or she would implement and what you can expect post surgery. With a lot of experience, a plastic surgeon should know exactly what can be done and what can be expected. There are also many options for the recovery period and you will want to make sure that this period is also taken into account for your individual analysis.

Methods, Pros and Cons

Because every body is different and every body heals differently, there needs to a variety of options. In addition, each surgeon has his preferred methodology and feels comfortable performing that over others. This is why it is so important to know exactly what to expect, and what kinds of questions to ask, so that you are capable of making a well-informed decision.

The Standard Abdominoplasty that is taught in all Plastic Surgery Residency programs is far from perfect. Due to the large area that is shaped and cut, the scar extends from hip to hip and there is a greater likelihood of seromas forming which are pockets of clear serous fluid. To prevent this from occurring, drains have to be left in for long periods to remove fluid build up as the skin and muscles reattach and mend.

The Mini Tummy Tuck is sold as a surgical procedure that leaves a smaller scar, requires less recovery time and costs less. However, because it is very limited in producing a great result, repeat surgery is often a necessity due to the unrealistic profile of this type of patient.

The aesthetic value of a plastic surgeon along with his level of expertise should be apparent in his work. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has been practicing and perfecting the high lateral tension abdominoplasty for over twenty years and has perfected the art of sculpting the tummy and waistline with a combination of liposuction, and as minimal as possible lifting and cutting of surgical tissues. This procedure is known as the “Miami Tummy Tuck” and it truly yields a shorter recovery time, a shorter scar and if a drain is used at all, it is in for less than twenty-four hours.

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