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Setting Realistic Expectations for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on May 30, 2014

5The promise of plastic surgery has entranced many patients to seek out procedures for as long as they’ve been available.  Many patients thought that with some time, money and a brief recovery period, they would have the look of their dreams.

While this is certainly possible, those interested in undergoing a plastic surgery procedure need to understand the limits of plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgeons Don’t Operate on Everybody

Before a plastic surgeon decides to work on a patient, that patient comes in for a consultation.  This is done so the surgeon can examine the prospective patient first-hand and ascertain if plastic surgery is the right move for them, let alone what would be the best procedure.  Plastic surgery procedures are extremely unsafe for certain body types. A patient who wants a procedure to help them lose weight would not benefit from plastic surgery. Patients who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of higher than 40 are not candidates for any elective surgery, including plastic surgery.

There’s Only So Much Plastic Surgery Can Change

Plastic surgery is designed to work with what you already have on your person as a base.  Perhaps it would be better to say that plastic surgery can modify what you have more than change it outright, as all surgery is based on what you already bring to the operating table. With the exception of very complex and experimental surgeries to do a complete face transplant, plastic surgery cannot normally give you a new face. Such operations are currently outside of the boundaries of what current plastic surgery can achieve.  In short, it simply cannot and will not end every problem you have with your appearance.

Plastic Surgery Cannot Solve Your Personal Problems Alone

With that, even the best plastic surgery you can imagine can only account for your cosmetic well being.  Granted, for many there’s definitely a link between how you think you look and your overall self-esteem.  However, beyond that, looking better may not be able to correct a failing relationship or mask personal problems, which may make you less romantically attractive to others.  Plastic surgery can help how you look but it can’t help how you act.

Risk is ALWAYS Involved

Finally, anyone interested in undergoing plastic surgery should remember that it’s still surgery.  Even if the procedures are carefully selected and performed, you’re still going under a surgeon’s knife and that always carries risks.  There can always be health complications that come up during an operation, however rare that may be, as well as complications that can prolong the period of recuperation.  Don’t take any surgery lightly, cosmetic or otherwise.

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez Provides Safe, Effective Plastic Surgery Procedures

Despite all of the myths surrounding plastic surgery, Dr. Bernanbe Vazquez, a 30+ year veteran of the practice and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, is renowned for his effective procedures that are as safe as they are effective.

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