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Before and After Plastic Surgery with One of the Best Miami Plastic Surgeons

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on February 13, 2013

5Once you have made up your mind that plastic surgery is for you, there are many steps to complete before your procedure becomes a reality. At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez believes that the more thorough the consultations are in terms of defining what to expect, the risks involved, and the importance of adhering to all of the protocols during the process, the greater the chance for success.

Understanding Every Detail

The great success we have been having with our patients ever since we opened our doors in 1988 is due to our thorough evaluation of each patient, before, during, and after their cosmetic procedures. We make sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure everyone understands each detail that contributes to a positive outcome. We feel it is essential to discuss with honesty the possible setbacks, as well as the benefits that can result from an operation, even with the very best surgical techniques and the steady, professional hand of Dr. Vazquez. Our mission is to give a clear picture of what you can expect in terms of recovery and outcome.

Tailoring the Right Surgery for You

Once we have determined the correct protocol for your condition, we also examine the expectations we have for its outcome based on your health, genetic background, age, and the nature of the surgery itself. As we gain more information about your body and your background, including your habits and lifestyle, we can put together a realistic picture of how to tailor the procedure so that it will produce the best outcome for you. Photos will be taken before and after so that we both have a record of your appearance to compare with the outcome, helping you to see the great benefits that come from surgery in the hands of a professional doctor and dedicated artist such as Dr. Vazquez.

Ask Us Questions!

In the meanwhile, you should be putting together a list of questions for us, which will help you gain a better idea of what to expect. Here is a list of some of the things you may need us to clarify:

What are the risks of anesthesia
What are the risks of surgery
What can you expect from the outcome
How your lifestyle may affect the outcome
What are the risks if you are a smoker
What supplements to avoid before surgery
What are your financing options
Details about your insurance coverage

Feeling Confident and Relaxed

As you proceed with your pre-op consultations, you will get to know the Doctor, as well as his staff, helping you to feel confident and relaxed so that when you go in on the day of your surgery, you know that you are in the hands of the best surgical team you could hope for. The pre-op period is also crucial because at this time we will be making
recommendations regarding preparation, treatment, medications, and post-op methods for recovery. We want to make sure that you are aware of each and every step of the surgery and healing processes well before they become a reality.

Taking Time to Recuperate Properly

After surgery, recuperation is vital. You are going to need to give yourself plenty of time to recuperate properly, as there are many aspects to healing after plastic surgery, especially if it has been a major operation. But no matter how extensive or basic your procedure, there are always physical and emotional effects, especially as the anesthesia and medications wear off.

Taking Care of Yourself After Surgery

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we are very careful about teaching you how to take care of yourself in the best possible manner once you go home. We instruct you and your caretakers on how to take care of your surgical wounds, how to minimize scarring, and how to deal with the inevitable emotions that come up as you recognize the changes that have occurred. If counseling is necessary to help you adjust to your new look, we will help you find it.

What to Expect After Your Operation

What you can expect after your operation depends on you, as it is completely different with each patient. We recommend that you assume an open-ended period will be needed for full recuperation, which could take weeks or even months. Again, these details vary with each person depending on the immune system, fitness level, and other components that make up your personal level of health.

Maintaining Your New Look

Our staff along with Dr. Vazquez will provide you with a variety of ways in which you can maintain your new look for enjoying the maximum results. This may mean a change in diet or in certain 5habits that will help add years to what we have accomplished.

Feeling Good About Yourself

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has performed thousands of successful cosmetic procedures and surgeries, believing wholeheartedly that when you feel good about yourself, you lead a longer and more productive life. He knows that cosmetic surgery can be one of the best investments for assuring a better life. He is also aware that some patients can have adverse reactions to an anesthetic or postoperative complication, regardless of his skill and level of perfectionism.

Realistic Expectations

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in realistic expectations, impeccable preparations, flawless implementation, in-depth recuperation, and then joyous celebration. Throughout each process, we are with you, every step of the way.

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