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Where to Get the Best Facelift Procedure in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on February 15, 2014

13.The signs of aging are often seen first on the face. Sagging skin, deep creases below the lower eyelids, deep creases down the sides of the nose to the mouth, known as laugh lines, loss of muscle tone or jowls and loose neck skin all contribute to making a person feel older than they are. Rejuvenation of facial features accomplished with an eyelift or a brow lift is often done in conjunction with a facelift in order to address tired eyes and a furrowed brow.

With the proper attention to detail by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon and the realistic expectations of a healthy patient, years of aging can be wiped away, leaving a refreshed and more youthful version of oneself.

Getting Started

The decision to have a facelift requires the responsibility to choose wisely. Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery has been in private plastic surgery practice for over twenty-five years. Our facility is located in gorgeous Coconut Grove in the Mercy Hospital Professional Complex. An accredited operating facility with hospital privileges is a must for insuring a completely safe procedure.

The first step in the process is arranging for a consultation with Dr. Vazquez. During this time together, you may ask any questions that you may have. You will discuss your medical history, current medications, drug allergies and any medical treatments you may have had previously. Additionally, the Doctor will want to know of any herbal supplements, vitamins, alcohol, recreational drugs or tobacco use. Even pain relievers, such as Advil can impair the body’s ability to undergo and heal from surgery.

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to refrain from smoking for at least two weeks prior to surgery as well as throughout the recovery process. Smoking has been found to be a strong factor in post surgery complications.

A Healthy Outlook

A healthy outlook serves us well in our lives and when it comes to cosmetic surgery, a healthy outlook is indispensable. Communication is key when it comes to discussing your wishes. An established plastic surgeon such as Dr. Vazquez will discuss the procedure in detail and discuss the options available to you based on a thorough examination. He will be able to discuss the recovery process and what is to be expected.Establishing your concerns upfront as well as establishing a solid rapport with the plastic surgeon and his team is the ideal consultation and what we strive for at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery.

Prepared from Start to Finish

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we prepare our patients correctly.  After a thorough medical evaluation, we can determine what the best protocol will be going forward. Our patients are coached on what to do the night before and morning of surgery. The guesswork is taken out of the equation leaving no room for error or doubt.

Post Op

The moment the facelift has been decided upon through the post op care and follow up, patients will find that they can rely on their solid patient and doctor relationship. In our practice, your questions are our concerns and we are here for our patients throughout the entire process and in the years to come.

For the best facelift procedure in Miami, contact Dr. Bernabe Vazquez for a consultation at (305) 858-8222.