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5 Health Benefits of the Miami Tummy Tuck

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on May 14, 2013

1The Miami Tummy Tuck is a procedure created by one of Miami’s foremost plastic surgeons, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery. In order to reduce scarring and injury to the abdominal walls, he employs this method to provide the optimal condition for helping patients achieve a leaner silhouette.

When Abdominal Muscles Become Too Stretched

There are certain scenarios where the abdominal muscles become stretched way beyond the help of exercise and proper diet. This occurs especially in the case of multiple pregnancies, as well as rapid weight loss from a formally obese condition.

The Danger of Excess Sagging Skin

When the skin’s elasticity is compromised, it may be impossible to achieve a tight stomach without the help of surgery. Sometimes excess sagging skin is not attended to, which can cause serious problems such as infection from fungus forming under folds that are difficult to reach.

Achieving the Best Body Possible

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we are in service to help our patients achieve the best bodies possible. By removing excess skin through the Miami Tummy Tuck, we have helped countless people arrive at a level of self-confidence they never thought possible.

Some Benefits of the Miami Tummy Tuck

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez’s infallible prowess as a plastic surgeon is what makes the Miami Tummy Tuck so effective in achieving the following benefits:

•    Promoting better health by removing excess skin, eliminating the possibility of infection

•    Providing patients with a flatter abdomen by tightening sagging and separated abdominal muscles

•    Decreasing the width of the waistline by liposuction of love handles and then pulling tissues inward at closing of the wound.

•    Decreasing the number of stretch marks

•    Boosting self confidence through the creation of a tighter and leaner torso

A Less Invasive Procedure

The beauty of the Miami Tummy Tuck as opposed to conventional tummy tucks is that the procedure is much less invasive. With a combination of surgery and liposuction, Dr. Vazquez needs to cut less, which in turn leads to a faster recovery. Because there is minimal damage to the abdominal wall, there is better healing and often a mere minimum of drainage necessary. Shaping the upper and lower abdominal area in this manner can provide exceptional results as the body is reconstructed with care and attention from pre to post surgery.95-300x193


At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we make sure to help you maintain your results by conferring with you about a good exercise and diet plan. Finding the Best Way to Stay Fit With 25 years as a board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Vazquez is adamant about providing a complete examination before your procedure to better understand your health history and your current lifestyle choices. He will advise you on the best ways to stay fit after your surgery, helping you to maintain your new look as you enjoy the health benefits of a tight and toned abdomen.

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