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Top Plastic Surgeon for a Tummy Tuck Surgery in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on March 15, 2013

5One of the most in-demand procedures today is Dr. Bernabe Vazquez’s “Miami Tummy Tuck,” a procedure that provides a less-invasive and more aesthetic result when it comes to sculpting the abdominal area. A highly innovative approach using liposuction in combination with surgery, the Miami Tummy Tuck creates less scarring, less down time, and a more contoured look.

A Client List That Keeps On Growing

As one of the top plastic surgeons in Miami, Dr. Vazquez has gained a solid reputation for being the one to go to for impeccable care. In the same office since 1988, his practice at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery has a formidable client list that keeps on growing through word-of-mouth recommendations and glowing testimonials.

The Proper Credentials

With so many cosmetic surgeons on the scene, it can be difficult to weed out the weak from the strong. Somehow, in recent years, it has become easier for anyone with a little bit of surgical experience to claim proficiency in a myriad of procedures, without having the proper credentials and practice hours to back it up.

Taking the Job Seriously

Reconstructive surgery is nothing to be casual about, whether you are a client seeking it or a doctor offering it. Dr. Vazquez takes his job extremely seriously, having obtained the best education possible, and constantly expanding his knowledge in order to maintain his position at the top of the industry.

When is a Tummy Tuck Appropriate?

A tummy tuck is performed when diet and exercise are not sufficient enough to remove excess fat. In this case, a perfectly performed abdominoplasty will remove the flap of unwanted skin and tighten vertical muscles to create a more streamlined abdomen.

The Miami Tummy Tuck

Dr. Vazquez has perfected the tummy tuck by incorporating liposuction to first suck out excess fat cells, whereby the need for cutting and lifting is greatly reduced. At the same time, the liposuction contours areas that are not normally treated by the tummy tuck. This protocol also reduces drainage, which can be demanding on the abdominal wall, as well as scarring and 95-300x193recuperation time.

Exceptional Technique and a Loving Touch

The Doctor has helped thousands of clients achieve the body they wish for through his exceptional technique and loving touch. His tummy tucks have boosted clients’ confidence and pride by allowing them to enjoy a flatter, healthier, and more aesthetically pleasing silhouette.

Thorough and Honest Evaluations

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery you will always get a thorough and honest evaluation based on your present state of health and lifestyle. Based on this information, we then recommend the best protocols for helping you achieve and maintain optimum health through the appropriate procedure, as well as diet and exercise.

Enjoying the Benefits of Your Results

At Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, we make sure you are completely informed once you decide to proceed with your surgery. Knowing what is expected every step of the way insures a complete and healthy recovery so that you can enjoy the full benefits of your results.

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