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One of the Best Plastic Surgeons for a Tummy Tuck in Miami, FL

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on February 4, 2014

95-300x193With the myriad of options available today, one has to be very discerning with research. There are many marketing ploys created to make something seem what it is not. When it comes to plastic surgery all the same marketing ploys apply. How is the consumer to know what is right for them or even if they are a candidate for tummy tuck surgery when anything seems possible from the misinformation that is available with the click of a button?

What to Know

Plastic Surgery is a medical specialty. Unfortunately in Florida any licensed physician can lay claim to being able to perform plastic surgery however it is advisable to locate a true specialist for any medical procedure. Board certified plastic surgeons undergo tremendous scrutiny. Firstly, they need to be examined and certified by their board certified peers. They must show that they have specialized in plastic surgery and have done a residence in their area of specialty. There is a minimum of five years of required in surgical training, although most plastic surgeons undergo seven to eight years of training.  Once admitted to the Society or Board, there is the requirement of taking continuing education. This insures that the doctor is kept up to date with the latest information and techniques. There is no substitution for the expertise gained in the experiential world of performing complex reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. With the proper training and experience, a board certified plastic surgeon will perfect the finely tuned sense of aesthetics that is required for top-notch plastic surgery.

Tummy Tucks Explained

Perhaps you carry additional tummy weight due to having had several children or perhaps you lost a great deal of weight but have not been able to shrink the tummy area. This hard to reach area doesn’t respond all that well to exercise and diet. The stubborn fat that remains can offset a well-defined physique. Now with the technical skill and aesthetic application of Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, you may be a candidate for his Miami Tummy Tuck. The difference between a non-operated belly and a belly that been redesigned by us at Bayshore is a vastly unique landscape. A flattened belly, tightened with a sculpted waistline is the culmination of the Miami Tummy Tuck. Traditional tummy tucks don’t necessarily take care of the waist bulges that may be even more evident after a tummy tuck. Traditional tummy tucks due to the constant moving of tissues, can create trauma that often requires a surgical drain and an inordinate amount of pain for up to two weeks.With our Miami Tummy tucks, our patients don’t require a drain or if one is needed, it will be for less than twenty-four hours.The use of liposuction allows for us to sculpt the upper abdomen and the waist to perfection. Our patients report a speedy recovery and are tremendously satisfied with their new flattened tummy.For the best possible before and aftercare, Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery requires a full medical examination replete with your full medical history. Once a patient of Dr. Bernabe Vazquez’s, you will come to know that you are in the best of hands. Elimination of any complications is the result of this complete uptake. During the course of the consultation, you will have a chance to express your desires and to have any questions answered and concerns addressed.For your complete confidential consultation with one of the best plastic surgeons for a Tummy Tuck contact us at (305) 858-8222.