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Having Plastic Surgery after Having a Baby

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on May 21, 2013

2There is so much to celebrate after the birth of a child, with the excitement of watching your baby emerge as a unique human being. But there can be unasked for results as well, with breasts not returning to their natural shape and the skin around the belly losing its elasticity.

Returning to a Better Self Image

The greatest amount of physical changes comes with multiple pregnancies, which can take their toll on skin and musculature, where no amount of exercise or diet can help. When breast skin stretches and belly tissue sags, many women turn to plastic surgery to return to a more aesthetic body and a better self-image.

Effective Protocols for a Better Silhouette

With the most popular areas for resculpting being the breasts and abdominal area, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery has developed especially effective protocols for helping women achieve a better post-pregnancy silhouette. With thousands of breast reshaping procedures and tummy tuck surgeries successfully accomplished, his track record for helping women feel good about themselves is evidenced in the many testimonials we receive at our office.

Creating a Natural Look for Breasts

Dr. Vazquez’s technique for raising and reshaping the breasts creates a natural look in keeping with a woman’s overall body shape. If you desire augmentation or reduction, this can be done simultaneously, with a result that looks authentic and natural.

The Miami Tummy Tuck

Through his development of the Miami Tummy Tuck, the doctor can reduce excess skin that occurs when the vertical abdominal muscles are stretched, especially in the case of multiple pregnancies. Here, Dr. Vazquez will use liposuction in combination with surgery to remove excess fatty tissue and firm up the area for a flatter and more pleasing look. The Miami Tummy Tuck requires less cutting, therefore you will experience less loss of blood, a smaller scar, and a shorter recuperation period than with a regular tummy tuck.

Our Expert Advice

One of the most essential criteria for plastic surgery after having a baby is that you do not plan to have any more pregnancies, otherwise the work may become undone. Once you have your final child, you will need time for your immune system to gain strength for the healing process once you have your procedure. We will also make sure that you have no diabetes, heart or circulation problems to interfere with a healthy recovery. If you smoke, we will advise you to stop several weeks before your scheduled surgery, so there is no interference in your healing process.

Enhancing Your Intrinsic Shape

With over 25 years of surgical procedures accomplished, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez is not only a great doctor, but also an artist. His concern with your health and well-being is complemented by his ability to create a beautiful and natural look that will enhance your intrinsic shape.

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