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How Breast Implant Removal Works

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on January 17, 2014

88There are several reasons why women decide to have their breast implants removed. The first is due to leakage. Implants are not meant to last forever, and with leakage, any implant whether saline or silicone gel, needs to be removed. There is also a possibility that the size no longer suits the woman. She may want to reduce or enlarge her breasts, and so it would be necessary to remove the prior breast implants and replace with different sized ones. This would more properly be called an implants exchange. The more complicated reason is capsular contracture. This condition occurs when the immune system response is activated due to the implant being perceived as a foreign body. With this condition, the collagen fibers surrounding the implant tighten and squeeze the implant, making for a firmer, rounder breast which may feel and even look different and require removal. There are certainly precautions that can be taken to insure that this does not happen, but when it does due to a variety of factors, the implants need to be removed and the capsular contracture treated.

Getting On Board

The decision to have breast implant removal is one that requires the valuable opinions and handiwork of a board certified plastic surgeon. The removal needs to be handled carefully and done in such a way that the patient is both comfortable and happy with the adjustment.One does not need to use the services of the primary plastic surgeon although if a good relationship exists that would be the preferred choice.

The Process

All surgical procedures begin with a consultation. The board certified plastic surgeon is responsible for listening to your concerns, getting your complete medical history, and apprising you of what you can expect. Because there are many options, it is important to discuss all the possibilities in-depth. You may decide just to remove the implants, and if so, your surgeon will want you to be happy with the end results. With Dr. Bernabe Vazquez and his practice at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, you will be in the best of hands as you discuss the possibilities that await you.


Perhaps there is leakage or you are unhappy with the size. If this is the case, you have the option of implant replacement. In this instance, the old implant would be removed using the same surgical site. The old implant would be examined for leakage, and if there were silicone leakage there would be an attempt to remove the remaining gel in the surrounding tissue. The new implant would be replaced in the original capsule. If the patient has decided not to have another implant inserted, there may be a need for a breast lift in order have the most aesthetic breast profile possible. For some patients, the best solution is to undergo liposuction from another area of the body, such as the inner thighs or the back or hips, and to have the fat deposited into the breast to increase fullness the natural way. Whatever method appeals to you, it is important to discuss the pros and cons with a board certified, experienced and aesthetically attuned plastic surgeon like Dr. Bernabe Vazquez. Our Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery practice is comprised of thousands of satisfied patients. Please call us to set up a confidential consultation for your Breast Implant Removal at (305) 858-8222.