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How to Choose the Correct Breast Implant Size for You

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on March 6, 2014

Breast implants come in all shapes and sizes for all body types. The most aesthetically pleasing implants are typically those that are suited to the specific body type. It is important to be physically comfortable and really like the new size of your breasts. With implants being designed to look and feel natural, it is important to discern which size will provide the most comfortable fit.

Choosing the Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your procedure should begin with looking at his or her qualifications. You will want to determine whether he or she is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. This ensures that you will be in the best of hands and get the best possible care available. Secondly, you will want to determine if the facility is an accredited facility. Accreditation ensures that you will avail yourself to the best patient care procedures such as cleanliness, emergency preparedness and equipment that meet the necessary standards.

The Value of the Consultation

Meeting with the plastic surgeon for the first time will enable you to decide if he or she is a good fit for you as well to discuss whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure. You will want to ascertain whether their aesthetic values are in keeping with yours. You can look at before and after photos of their body of work, specifically their breast implant procedures and ask any and all of the questions you may have.There may be a necessity to acquire your medical records and doing so will certainly be in your best interest. It is best to be completely comfortable with your surgeon and to be ready to discuss what medicines, vitamins or herbal supplements you might currently be taking. Even substances as innocuous as aspirin, vitamin E and even garlic will be on the list of medications to avoid before surgery.There will be ample opportunity to decide and discuss what size silicone or saline implant best suits you. Measured by cc’s, your surgeon can suggest what size implant will produce a B, C or D cup.The aesthetic skills of your plastic surgeon will not only be apparent in the size selection but also in the natural placement and selection of the implant based on the shape and projection type. With the proper care, you can be certain you will be very happy with your new breast implants.

At our Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery office in Coral Gables, we are committed to providing the best possible outcome for our patients. This entails taking a complete medical history and determining how best to proceed for each individual patient. We make our recommendations and take into account the patient’s wishes. It is most important to listen and learn about our patients from the get go. We can establish the best size and the best implant given the patient’s criteria. Body size, frame and weight all play into the decision. The most popular options are silicone or saline implants. In our practice, we use Sientra gel implants, which are highest quality implants are only available to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. For your confidential consultation with Dr. Bernabe Vazquez, call (305) 858-8222.