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Miami’s Top Plastic Surgeon for Tummy Tuck Procedures

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on February 12, 2014

96-300x202As a strong advocate of our patients, Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery strives to bring our patients’ dreams to fruition. Through the use of a well-honed aesthetic and technical skill set, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez takes great pride in giving his patients back their best physical selves.

His 25 years of experience has brought forth the gift of streamlining the Tummy Tuck procedure. Eliminating the complications and enhancing the full spectrum of the waistline, Dr. Vazquez’s “Miami Tummy Tuck” has been the talk of his peers and patients alike.

What to Look For

When looking for a plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck procedure, it is extremely important to look for board-certified plastic surgeons. With board certification, you can be certain that the doctor has undergone strenuous testing and evaluation by the board and his peers. Specialty in plastic surgery is required and with the mandatory continuing education credits, you can be certain that the surgeon is up to date with the state of the art both in procedure and equipment.

You will want to consult with your selected doctors to ascertain if they are listening to your concerns and goals. The consultation is as much an interview process for you as it is for the doctor. He or she will need to determine if you are medically fit to undergo the tummy tuck procedure. If you are a smoker or taking prescription medicines, he will ask you to stop so as to prepare your body for surgery. It is recommended that the tummy tuck procedure be done after childbearing years. The stretching out of the muscles and skin that occurs with childbearing will certainly have an impact on the newly flattened belly.

State of the Art Facility

It is most important that the surgeon that you select is affiliated with a nearby hospital, has hospital privileges and that your procedure will take place in an accredited operating facility. This is akin to the board certification status of your surgeon. With accreditation, you can be certain that the facility will have the proper equipment, policies and procedures that will make your surgery a safe one.

With Dr. Vazquez and the team at Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, you will be under the best care from start to finish. Patients report feeling immediately comfortable in the accredited, state of the art facility located in the heart of Coconut Grove within the Mercy Hospital Professional Complex. The staff is welcoming and will attend to your every need.

With every consultation, Dr. Vazquez takes the time to explain to his patients what is to be expected before, during and after surgery. With his Miami Tummy Tuck, you can expect a shorter scar, shorter recovery and, if a drain is needed, it will be in use for less than 24 hours. The beauty of this procedure is that the waist and abdomen are carefully sculpted with liposuction. This eliminates the need for extensive tissue cutting and lifting, producing a fabulous flattened tummy and sculpted waistline.

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