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Plastic Surgery: Managing Expectations

Submitted by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez on August 29, 2020

For as long as plastic surgery has existed, it’s been an enticing option for those looking to transform the way they look. Every year millions of men and women undergo cosmetic procedures designed to modify and improve their appearance, with the assumption that money spent plus recovery time invested will equal a look they love. 

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has more than 30 years of safe surgical experience performing cosmetic procedures in Miami.

Throughout the last three decades, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez has helped thousands of patients reshape their bodies and rebuild their confidence. Part of that process is communicating clearly with patients about the limitations of plastic surgery, and helping them manage their expectations. 

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when considering a plastic surgery procedure in South Florida, or anywhere …

Not Everyone is a Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery

Certain plastic surgery procedures — such as liposuction, tummy tucks, or Brazilian butt lifts — are viewed by some prospective patients as dramatic alternatives to weight loss. 

However, for people looking to lose weight or get in shape, plastic surgery is not a safe option for cutting corners. In some cases, it’s not a safe option at all. For example, when patients have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or higher, the risks associated with a cosmetic procedure, or any elective surgery, outweigh the benefits. Thus, people with a BMI or more than 40, aren’t a candidate for any type of plastic surgery. 

There are other health conditions and lifestyle considerations that might affect patient risk — such as smoking, overuse of intoxicants, underlying health conditions, and even mental health status. This is why a thorough consultation with your surgeon is absolutely imperative before moving forward

Consultation is an Important Part of the Plastic Surgery Journey.

Before a plastic surgeon decides to work on a patient, they must meet for a consultation. This is an essential part of the process, and should never, ever be skipped. The consultation gives the surgeon the chance to examine the prospective patient first-hand, and decide if plastic surgery is the right move for them, and if the procedure they’re considering is a good solution for them. 

For example, in somecases, those seeking surgical solutions to target fat deposits they can’t get rid of through liposuction find they’re not even a candidate for the procedure due to excess skin. If they were to move forward with lipo, they’d actually end up with more loose skin! These candid conversations help prospective patients to make more informed decisions about surgery. 

Managing Expectations: There’s Only So Much Plastic Surgery Can Change

Though cosmetic surgery can lead to incredible transformations, it’s important to remember: The scalpel is not a magic wand. Factors like genetics, skin-stretching activities like pregnancy and weight loss, lifestyle, and age can all play an important role in your surgical outcome. 

The appearance of stretch marks or cellulite, for example, may remain even after drastic surgery. The best plastic surgeons will be honest with you, and up front about what you can expect. Be wary of any doctor who skips past your questions, or skates over the conversation about what you can expect post-surgery. Remember: When considering cosmetic surgery, it’s your job to ask as many questions as possible, and the surgeon’s job to answer all of them honestly. 

Plastic surgery can modify the body you have, but not change it completely, as all surgery is based on what you already bring to the operating table.

If you have questions about plastic surgery procedures of any kind, Dr. Bernabe Vazquez and his team are ready to be your trusted resource. They’ll take their time answering your questions, and treat you with the honesty and respect you deserve. 

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