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Skilled Surgeon for Natural Fat Transfer to the Butt in Miami

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on October 20, 2013

7When it comes to plastic surgery, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Aesthetic values are inherent, and can be realized through technique. Education, experience, technique, aesthetic values, peer recognition and board certification all comprise the sum of the parts that make Dr. Bernabe Vazquez one of the foremost surgeons for natural fat transfer to the butt in Miami.

Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery has been enhancing people’s lives for over twenty-five years. Housed in the same location, the Mercy Professional building within Mercy Hospital complex since 1988, our convenient and beautiful cosmetic surgery office is a fully accredited surgical facility.

Professional Background

As a long time Miami resident and plastic surgeon, Dr. Vazquez has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries. His education prepared him for the rigors of his profession but it has been the years of dedicated service that has honed the impeccable procedures that make Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery a cosmetic surgery destination the world over.

Office Procedures

From the initial consultation onward, Dr. Vazquez and his staff operate as a team, preparing patients for the surgery and seeing them through the recovery process to their successful outcome. Time is taken to understand patient’s needs, to address all concerns and to insure that the final outcome is exactly as planned. With the proper protocol, guidance and education, our patients are well prepared. We evaluate medical histories; weight analysis and patient’s requests to determine how to accomplish the best natural fat transfer to achieve the perfect derriere.

The Procedure

We evaluate the patient’s body to determine where best to harvest fat cells from. The abdomen, the hips, the flanks of the buttocks and the inner and outer thighs are all areas of the body that accumulate fat. We harvest fat from these donor areas and process it to separate out the fat cells. We then distribute the fat cells by injection into the deepest muscles first. We inject the fat evenly throughout the buttocks to create an even round shape. The beauty of the natural fat transfer is that it contours the waist and abdomen making it thinner as we enlarge the buttocks. This allows us minimize the appearance of the waist and accentuate the buttocks creating the desirable hourglass silhouette.

The aesthetic values of the cosmetic surgeon need to be finely honed. Dr. Vazquez’s years of performing thousands of cosmetic surgeries have definitely produced an exceptional eye towards the most refined outcome. The inherent artistry of cosmetic procedures needs to be right up there with the technical expertise of the cosmetic surgeon. Having been fellows with some of the world renowned plastic surgeons both here and in Rio de Janeiro, enabled him to see this firsthand and to incorporate the two seamlessly.

Board Certification

Choosing a surgeon should begin with establishing whether or not they have board certification. For your confidential consultation with Dr. Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery, contact us at (305) 858-8222.