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Why Liposuction is Not An Alternative to Weight Loss

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on June 16, 2014

1Liposuction, especially thanks to its portrayal in popular media, has constantly been looked upon as a quick fix to any and all weight problems.  Who needs a proper diet and rigorous exercise when you can simply go under the knife and skip such long, arduous processes?

Unfortunately for them, nothing could be farther from the truth and people seeking out liposuction as a get-out-of-jail free card can potentially be putting themselves at serious risk.  Anyone seriously considering liposuction to this end should heed these important facts about how it relates to fat and your general body weight.

Liposuction Only Removes a Small Amount of Fat

At its core, liposuction is intended more to streamline your body’s contour than to help you lose weight.  In fact, it’s strongly recommended that patients already be within ten pounds of their target weight when they undergo the procedure, which only removes a nominal amount of fat in the first place.

Removing an excessive level of fat material (anything beyond five liters) is discouraged, as it can contribute to infections, shock from the ensuing dehydration, and an increased likelihood of blood clots, among other dangers.

Fat Doesn’t Weigh As Much As You May Think

If you’re the type that gets on the scale daily, watch out.  Even if liposuction can safely do away with enough fat to fill a few large bottles of Coke, its effects on your overall weight aren’t quite as drastic.

As a material in of itself, fat is a bit lighter than water or muscle.  Two liters may sound impressive, but will only shave off around five pounds.

Exercise and Good Dieting are Still Necessary After Liposuction

Supposing that you do go through with the procedure, and even supposing you’re completely satisfied with how you look, you’re still faced with an age-old adage: fitness is a journey, not a destination.

Simply put, if you don’t take good care of yourself, the fat will just simply come back.

Fat Can Return

If you gain enough weight after liposuction, the fat has to accumulate somewhere and it will probably do so initially in the areas that are not liposuctioned. However, if you gain enough weight, it can go to areas that were liposuctioned, as the remaining fat cells there can enlarge to store the extra material. In extreme cases of weight gain, fat can even be stored within the abdominal cavity, which obviously cannot be removed through liposuction.

But If You’re Getting a Liposuction for the Right Reasons…

While you should never use liposuction to lose weight, it is an extremely effective, useful procedure if you’re trying to change your body’s contour.

Thankfully, hereat our office, you will get a thorough examination to determine if liposuction is right for you.  Dr. Bernanbe Vazquez, a board certified plastic surgeon with 25 years of experience under his belt, has a fantastic reputation in cosmetic surgery and will make sure you get what you need to look great.

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