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5 Common After Plastic Surgery Complications you Don’t Want to Experience

Submitted by Bernabe Vazquez on August 1, 2013

The best candidate for plastic surgery is one who takes care of their body before and after surgery. The initial meeting with a board certified experienced plastic surgeon should cover what you will need to do pre surgery to allow for the best outcome.

Avoiding Infections

With any surgery, there is always risk of infection. Keep yourself healthy prior to surgery by getting plenty of rest, eating properly, getting plenty of exercise, stopping smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation. These healthy habits all contribute to maintaining a healthy immune system.
A healthy immune system can fight off any potential bacterial causing infections and assist with a smooth recovery. With smoking being a known factor for delayed wound healing, your surgeon will require the abstinence of smoking for a solid period of time before and after surgery.
Heeding your surgeon’s orders will incur with the best possible outcome, allowing the surgical site to heal without any roadblocks.

Nerve Damage

The bruising of tissue and nerves in the area of surgery is to be expected. There will be swelling and there can be loss of sensation due to the bruising of nerves. It may take a few weeks to get sensation back in that area. However, with liposuction and facelifts, regaining sensation in the cheeks and the areas that had liposuction may take up to several months.

Avoiding Hematoma

In the period of time that follows surgery, there may be additional bleeding. This can be considered normal and may be responsible for bruising that will become evident in the following days. It is important to report back to your surgeon if the blood is pooling under the skin, forming a visible hematoma or if there is persistent pain that seems to be getting worse. The treatment for hematomas varies according to location and size. If the hematoma heals with scar tissue, the surgeon can inject steroids to flatten the tissue. There is no saying how a patient will respond post surgery, and with issues like nausea from the pain medication, vomiting can ensue and be a contributing factor to the re-opening of blood vessels.
To prevent most scenarios, it is important to disclose your complete medical history to your plastic surgeon and to eliminate all herbs and over the counter medications two weeks prior to surgery.

Visible Scarring

Although experienced plastic surgeons know where to place scars so that they will be less visible, there are certain patients who will form raised scars nonetheless. A competent plastic surgeon will know how to treat for scar healing to maximize the result of the original surgery. Cessation of smoking and taping of the incision for three months will assist with the healing of scar tissue.

Dealing with Mood Shifts

Maintaining a realistic outcome of the cosmetic surgical procedure helps with the emotions that patients can experience. The period after surgery can be uncomfortable and can bring regret. Additionally, hormonal changes are afoot but when things begin to settle and the swelling subsides, the patient’s mood gets increasingly better. It is important to maintain a good support system throughout the healing process. Anti anxiety and sleep medications are sometimes indicated and helpful to treat post-op anxiety.

A reputable plastic surgeon will request that you are in the best of health prior to surgery. Being very overweight may mean that losing weight will be a prerequisite prior to surgery. Complications are avoided at all costs and the known complications from obesity and smoking cannot be overlooked.

For a safe and successful outcome, Doctor Bernabe Vazquez of Bayshore Cosmetic Surgery is involved with his patients from the consultation phase through the recovery phase and beyond. Placing yourself in the care of a world class, board certified aesthetic cosmetic surgeon is one way to stay clear of complications that can be avoided.

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